Toyota’s SUV line-up explained

We break down Toyota’s SUV range – one of the largest offerings in Australia

toyota suv line up

Toyota has always been clued into what Aussie buyers need and want, which is no more evident than today in which the brand features one of the largest SUV line-ups in the country.

It’s only set to grow as well – Toyota’s got two new small SUVs on the way in the Yaris Cross and Corolla Cross, set to join and form an eight-strong range with existing SUV models.

Similarly, a raft of updates to its existing SUVs are either already on sale or well on their way.

Toyota LandCruiser 200

It can make for confusing buying for those looking for their next SUV, so we’re going to break it down and explain the hierarchy and what you can expect with each option in Toyota’s SUV range.

Toyota Yaris Cross

The Yaris Cross is an all-new model for the Japanese giant, intent on taking a larger slice of the small SUV sales pie.

The new baby-sized model acts as the smallest SUV in Toyota’s range, sitting below the C-HR, and is based on the Yaris hatchback.

As such, it shares a number of design and tech elements with the Yaris, though obviously has a taller ride height.

Toyota Yaris Cross rear

Toyota offers two types of engines with the Yaris Cross, notably including a hybrid option in its entry-level car.

There’s even an option for all-wheel drive – not always a given in the small SUV category.

2021 Toyota Yaris Cross

Prices begin in the mid-to-high $20,000 range and extend toward the $40,000 mark dependent on specification and engine.

The Yaris Cross joins the small SUV segment which also hosts Mazda CX-3, Honda HR-V and Ford Puma rivals.

Toyota Corolla Cross

Toyota’s Corolla Cross was revealed even before the unveiling of the Yaris Cross, though we won’t be seeing the Corolla Cross on Australian roads before 2022.

In terms of Toyota’s range, the Corolla Cross will bridge the gap between the Yaris Cross and RAV4, while simultaneously acting as a more practical alternative to the C-HR.

toyota corolla cross

The Corolla Cross rides on the same TNGA-C platform as the Corolla hatchback, as such, we can expect a lot of Corolla kit in a higher-riding package.

Petrol and hybrid options will be available, it contains a large 487-litre boot and a swathe of active safety interventions will be standard.

Toyota C-HR 

The C-HR was Toyota’s first run at a small SUV, and will continue on sale in Australia for the foreseeable future.

It differs from the above SUVs by appealing more to style rather than practicality, with un-Toyota-like style characteristics that best fit young couples rather than families. 

2020 Toyota C-HR review

It comes with a choice of a turbocharged or hybrid engine, and all are mated to a continuously-variable transmission.

There’s less room for a family in a C-HR than in rivals like the Honda HR-V, Mitsubishi ASX and Hyundai Kona, but the C-HR does receive a decent amount of kit as standard.

Toyota C-HR onroad

Prices begin around $30,000 and get more expensive for higher-spec variants.

Toyota RAV4

The Toyota RAV4 takes the crown as the volume seller in Toyota’s range, and has even scored best-selling vehicle in Australia on multiple occasions, too.

It’s a medium SUV with five seats and five doors and is available with a choice of two engines. Front-wheel-drive is standard, though the option of all-wheel power is there. 

Toyota RAV4 hybrid

Pricing for the Toyota RAV4 starts just over $31,000, and it sits above small SUVs like the C-HR and underneath the popular Kluger large SUV.

The Toyota RAV4 goes back a long way to when it was one of the first few SUVs to kick off the craze. Since, it has matured into a competent mid-sized SUV offering plenty of standard features and technology. 

Toyota Kluger

Things start to get bigger from here on in, starting off with the Kluger large SUV that caters to seven occupants.

2020 Toyota Kluger GX

The Kluger is one of the better-selling large SUVs in its category, and features a single V6 petrol engine option with either front- or all-wheel drive.

Although it boasts a high road clearance and an option of all-wheel drive, the Kluger is the car you choose for large families rather than hardcore off-roading.

Prices for the two-wheel-drive Toyota Kluger begin at a smidge under $45,000 and the all-wheel-drive versions begin at just under $49,000.

The Kluger is nearing a facelift, with the new generation car expected to arrive in 2021.

2021 Toyota Kluger
Next generation Toyota Kluger is on its way in 2021

Toyota Fortuner

Far more capable off-road is the Toyota Fortuner, which is an off-road biased large SUV based on the Toyota Hilux ute platform.

2021 Toyota Fortuna

The wagon body is a more practical alternative to the Hilux with seating for seven, but retains a large towing capacity, off-road credibility and can travel long distances on diesel power.

Prices begin around the $50,000 mark and extend up to $60,000 for variants with extra kit.

Fortuner interior

The Toyota Fortuner will suit the needs of buyers wanting a large family SUV that is also capable of going off-road on a regular basis. If you are prioritising on-road use, comfort, and refinement, there may be some better options on the market – like the Kluger above.

Toyota Prado

The Toyota LandCruiser Prado, often abbreviated to Toyota Prado, is one of Toyota's best-selling large SUV models, earning a reputation as a staple of the Toyota SUV range over the last two decades.

Prado GX

It’s also another of Toyota’s large 4x4 off-roaders, featuring five doors and seating for up to seven.

You’ll often find Toyota Prado owners exercising its go-anywhere ability, strong reliability and spaciousness for a large family. 

The name has become synonymous in Australia for outback driving and the towing of caravans.

Toyota LandCruiser Prado Range Review

Pricing for the Toyota LandCruiser Prado begins in the mid-$50,000 range and extends to near $90,000 for the range-topping car with includes extra niceties.

In terms of Toyota's line-up, the LandCruiser Prado sits near to top of the range in both price and size, only beaten out by the slightly-larger LandCruiser.

Toyota LandCruiser

On the final rung of the Toyota SUV ladder is the LandCruiser 200 flagship, which is not only one of Toyota’s most capable off-roaders, but also the largest.

Toyota LandCruiser range

The LandCruiser blends comfort and luxury with off-road ability, and is known for ferrying grey nomads throughout Australia with caravan in-tow.

It’s a big-bodied five-door wagon design that can cater to up to eight occupants in certain variants.

For the time being, the LandCruiser is powered by a 4.5-litre turbo-diesel V8 mated to a six-speed transmission. Power is sent to all four wheels and it features dual-range gearing for serious off-roaders.

Toyota LandCruiser dirt driving

The LandCruiser features some of Toyota’s most advanced off-road systems and equips a wide range of standard equipment to go with its luxury positioning.

It’s one of Toyota’s most expensive products, ranging from $80,000 to near $125,000 dependent on specification.


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