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Found: Chevrolet Corvette converted into a ute

By Tom Fraser, 27 Apr 2020 Car News

Chevrolet Corvette C5 ute

We’re sure Corvette engineers didn’t have a ute in mind when they signed off on the C5...

We reckon those zany Swiss might have a few too many Schützengarten biers when they dreamt this Corvette ute up.

The wacky Chevrolet Corvette C5 in question has been turned into a single-cab utilitarian workhorse thanks to Neufeld’s Special Cars, a rental outfit and dealership in Zurich, Switzerland that specialises in US muscle cars and special interest classics.

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There’s not a lot of information listed about our special Corvette ute, but we can note that the dealership in question will rent it out to you should you require a Corvette with a little extra load capacity and a two-tone sky blue and white paint job.

corvette ute

The rear section of the convertible 'Vette has completely stripped away for an enclosed bed that's ready to take the hedge clippings to your nearest tip.

It's been lined with chequerplate panelling and even features a pair of tie-down rails so you can cover your load as required by law. You do, however, miss out on a tailgate, and we don't reckon you'll get a regulation pallet in this particular ute bed.

We’re sure it would be an – ahem – experience to drive, if nothing else, especially in Switzerland!

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This rental is intended for film and TV purposes, but it’s not the only wacky Corvette the company has on the books at the moment.

Among a slew of relatively pedestrian classics like a Ford Mustang Boss 302, Pontiac Firebird, Dodge Charger and a Lamborghini Diablo sits a high-riding, off-road-ready Corvette Stingray (below).

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corvette ute

With a stance that's closer to monster truck than dual-cab ute, this big-wheeled, two-door behemoth looks ready to enter the Thunderdome and eat the other cars for breakfast.

We can’t imagine any TV show having the need for a white-and-blue Corvette pick-up ute - nor a Corvette Stingray monster truck for that matter - but then again maybe we’re the ones missing out on some wild Corvette-laden TV shows out of the land-locked country.

Or maybe we need to head over there and drive it for WhichCar TV?

The C5 Corvette was never a particularly handsome design and as much as we love the idea of a Corvette ute, we’re not so sure on this conversion. What do you think? 

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