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Easyrain aims to make hydroplaning a thing of the past

By Tom Fraser, 20 Feb 2021 Car News

Easyrain aims to make hydroplaning a thing of the past

New aquaplaning avoidance technology could save lives

Italian firms Easyrain and Italdesign have partnered with German component manufacturer Bosch to develop a new AIS (Aquaplaning Intelligent Solution) system designed to help make driving in the rain safer.

Ordinarily focused on the design of cars like the Italdesign GTR-50, the design house has turned its hand towards safety. The three companies jointly-developed a smart system that prevents vehicles from losing traction when hitting large puddles of water on roads.

The active safety feature works by using sensors to detect the onset of aquaplaning. Once the software identifies potential hydroplaning, a washer jet sprays water ahead of the front wheels. 

This is said to dissipate the “excessive layer of water on the asphalt that the tires [alone] cannot.”

The result is a greater contact patch area for the tyres and, subsequently, the car’s ability to regain control.

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Its effectiveness can be witnessed in the side-by-side comparison video above, which is slowed down to show the subtle differences in tracking line between the two conditions. 

The Audi A6 without AIS can be seen losing traction immediately after hitting standing water, while the AIS-equipped version regains control for a safer outcome.

Easyrain says its system is able to improve vehicle aquaplaning performance by 35 per cent on a straight, and by 30 per cent when cornering. However, importantly, it is 100 per cent repeatable.

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AIS is the first aquaplaning solution of its kind available to all vehicles, including autonomous ones or electric vehicles.

There’s no word on when this technology will become available in future models, although the three companies will continue working on the project to ensure its adoption.