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FCA release Jeep Renegade “Dawn of Justice” Special Edition in the US

By Anna Kantilaftas, 29 Feb 2016 Car News

FCA release Jeep Renegade “Dawn of Justice” Special Edition in the US

Apparently Bruce Wayne prefers the Jeep Renegade to the Batmobile. And we’re not sure how we feel about it.

There’s a new Batmobile in town, with Jeep releasing the Renegade “Dawn of Justice” Special Edition.

Whether you’re team Batman or Superman, we’re guessing fanatics of the movie will be excited to drive a car just like Bruce Wayne. Well, either that or they’ll be trolling the YouTube comments section.

But with a partnership between FCA and Warner Brothers, we’re not surprised to see a compact crossover appear in the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. In fact, it’s rumoured the entire movie features various cars from FCA including Chryslers, Dodges, Fiats and Alfa Romeos. Not bad product placement if you ask us.

So, when we heard Bruce Wayne (played by Ben Affleck) is seen driving around in a Jeep Renegade throughout the movie, the Special Edition release by Jeep came as no major surprise.

The Special Edition Jeep gets a blacked-out paint job, 18-inch wheels, black trim and a special logo that merges Batman and Superman – which will either excite or aggravate fans.

On the inside, the Batman colour-code continues with black cloth seats and trim, with metal diamond accents on the handles and the gearshift.

The major changes add US$995 (AU$1400 approx.) price tag to the Renegade.

It’s already on sale in the US, but there are no plans to release the model in Australia.

Check out the Jeep TV commercial below titled “Into The Storm”.

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