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This Ford AU limo is an incredible thing

By Louis Cordony, 24 Dec 2020 Car News

AU Falcon limo Amuza Grand Chauffeur

Meet the AU that went big in Japan

The Ford Falcon AU has proved capable of yet another incredible thing, after pictures of a stretch limo version from Japan have surfaced online.

Facebook group Aussie Cars Overseas offered the trip down memory lane to its followers, publishing images that reveal how the AU targeted the Bentley, Rolls-Royce and Mercedes-Benz Maybachs of the world as a six-door limo with business class chairs inside.

That might be why Amuza, the Australian-based Japanese company behind the creation, named it the Grand Chauffeur.

Clearly, it was set for a class beyond the realms of a Fairmount Ghia. And it wasn't even being ironic!

The page says the 10-metre-long stretch limo “became immensely popular” in Singapore and Japan during its day, and was even exhibited at the 2003 Tokyo Auto Salon.

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That Japan also created the Mitsuoka Orichi explains why the Grand Chauffeur might have caught on over there.

The AU Falcon has garnered cult legend for its, erm, unique look and the Grand Chauffeur obviously did little to remedy the AU’s visual flaws.

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As we can see, it remodelled the front bumper with extra light burrows to complement a pointed grille, gifting the Chauffeur all the visual grace of a steam iron.

Portholes adorn its sides while the rear-end looked – somewhat unfortunately – to have been untouched.

The Grand Chauffeur is another feather in the cap of the sedan that enjoys internet fame for featuring in wild and ridiculous builds, situations or memes.

If you're up for a bit more fun, Street Machine has had a go at compiling the best ones HERE.

As the list proves, the Grand Chauffeur is not the only time someone had a crack at turning the AU into a limo, with someone whacking on a Rolls-Royce front-end on an AU that made its way to the UK.

The Ford AU Falcon was first launched back in 1988 to controversial press given its looks, but underneath it offered a sturdy rear-wheel-drive sedan platform and decent six-cylinder powertrain.

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Picture source: allcarindex.com