Holden Spark hooks up free Gelato Messina

By Ryan Lewis, 10 Mar 2016 Car News

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Holden Spark hooks up free Gelato Messina

Holden lures in potential Spark owners with free ice cream from Gelato Messina

Free gelato – is there a more beautiful pair of words in the English language? It’s easy to spot a marketing gimmick, but if that gimmick means eating Gelato Messina for nix, we’re on board.

Holden is aiming to get more exposure for its Spark city car by opening Gelato Messina pop-up stores around the country and handing out free ice cream.

First time new car buyers aged between 20 and 29 are the Spark’s target market, but Holden thinks young people are less likely to wander into a dealership and connect with the Spark in the traditional style. So bringing the car to them is an approach that just might work.

Holden plans to have the Spark on display at each Messina pop-up. Visitors will get an up-close look and the chance to interact with the car without the perceived pressure of sales staff hanging around nearby.

The Holden Spark was recently given an overhaul, now sporting a sleekier appearance, more interior space and updated with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto mobile connectivity technology.

Look out for the Messina pop-ups in April. They’re opening in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, and will run for around six weeks.