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Jeep recalls Grand Cherokee to fix previous recall

By Tim Robson, 05 Feb 2021 Car News

Jeep recalls Grand Cherokee to fix older recall

16,000 early-model Grand Cherokees summoned back to dealers to fix fuel relay drama

Jeep has issued a recall for early-model WK Grand Cherokees to fix a fix that it previously fixed.

The company has sent a notice to the ACCC to track down 16,000 Jeep Grand Cherokees sold between 2011 and 2013 in order to replace a fuel relay that was subject to its own replacement recall in both 2014 and 2015.

According to Jeep, the fuel pump relay on some vehicles may be susceptible to silicon contamination on the relay contacts.

MORE 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee on test in Australia

This, in turn, can cause the relay to fail, which could result in stalling or, in official terminology, a “no-start condition".

“If the engine stalls while driving there is an increased risk of an accident resulting in injury or death to vehicle occupants and/or other road users,” reads the recall notice.

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As you’d expect, Jeep will reach out to customers in its database to arrange for a free refit of the troublesome fuel relay.

The WK Grand Cherokee has been in service for Jeep since 2011, and has been the subject of at least 20 recalls over that period.

Some were for issues as minor as a failing interior vanity lamp, though a large-scale recall occurred in 2016 to add a fix to the Jeep’s self-centring joystick-style automatic shifter to prevent roll-away incidents.

Jeep’s Grand Cherokee CRD

This is the first recall for the once-popular SUV since 2018 when it was included in a mass recall of powertrain control module failures across a variety of Jeep products.

The next-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee has been revealed and will launch in Australia in 2022.