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Mazda launches heritage parts program for Mazda RX-7

28 Dec 2020 Car News

Mazda launches heritage parts program for Mazda RX-7

A range of newly reproduced parts will be available for the FC and FD RX-7 but only for buyers in Japan

Back in 2017, when Mazda Japan launched the Roadster Restore program, enthusiasts and fans alike yearned and hoped that the Hiroshima brand would expand its efforts to its other increasingly classic models, namely the Mazda RX-7.

The recently-announced heritage program expansion from Japan adds the iconic RX-7 to the Mazda Classic fold, and will see 91 new components put back into production.

Mazda stresses, however, that more and more components will be added gradually as the program expands in scope.

To begin with, there are 30 new components for the FC generation RX-7 (1985-1882), and 61 for the FD generation.

The initial release is comprised of the most frequently perished items including vacuum hoses, throttle position sensors, rubber bushings, gaskets and fasteners.

Those hoping for replacement panels or interior trim will have to wait, although these components are likely on the horizon judging from the MX-5’s more mature program.

For this initial release, Mazda reportedly sought input from various rotary service and tuning shops around Japan to construct the list of items.

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While the RX-7’s heritage parts program is still in its infancy and will initially only be available to buyers in Japan, there is much hope that the program will follow the trajectory of its roadster relative which offers a far greater range of parts, an in-house factory restoration service, and is available over the counter in the US market.

Mazda’s announcement of support for the RX-7 will be welcome news to enthusiasts and owners around the world, however, bolstering a growing fraternity of Japanese manufacturers offering parts and support to owners of some of their back-catalogues’ greatest hits.

Nissan spearheaded the movement with its heritage parts program encompassing R32-R34 GT-R generations, as well as its recently-announced factory restore service for the R32 GT-R.

Honda Japan also boasts a factory refresh service for the original NSX supercar and its Beat roadster, while Toyota has launched similar programs for the A70 and A80 Supra, as well as the blue-chip million-dollar 2000GT.

Buyers in Japan will be able to purchase the newly reproduced parts from February 2021.

The full list of components is available here, or at the Mazda Classic website.

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