Most popular advice stories of 2018

WhichCar’s advice stories bring help to thousands of motorists every year, and none more than these ten most popular advice articles

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We really appreciate our loyal readers getting in touch, whether it’s to ask a question, to find out more about one of our stories, or to let us know you liked a feature or sometimes that you didn’t!

Through your interaction, we are able to provide you with more of the information you are looking for, putting you in a better position as a car buyer and owner. Over the last 12 months, we hope we’ve helped you save money, kept yourselves and families safer on the road and had a more enjoyable experience at the wheel.

Here are the top ten most popular advice articles from 2018 and if there’s something you need to know, get in touch through our social media pages. We will do everything we can to bring you the answers in 2019.

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Size, they say, is everything and you clearly agree, because our most popular advice story was this deep-dive into SUV boot capacities. One of the main reasons many drivers are moving away from traditional passenger vehicles and into high-riding alternatives are the practical advantages, including space for people and things.

WhichCar’s audience is also clearly a pennywise automotive audience. Of our top ten advice stories, four were about the most affordable vehicles, including this one at the bargain basement end. Expect an updated version in the New Year, covering the latest affordable options in our unique market.

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Another story from 2016 but still generating a fair amount of traffic was this story that clears up any uncertainty surrounding children in the front row seating. We assume you meant in the passenger seat!

You also clearly like to take a few risks, with this article that looks at how far a car will go after it says the tank is dry ranking as the fourth most popular advice yarn in 2018. The main message is: it’s best not to risk it, but you might be surprised and amused to see just how far a diesel SUV will go on ‘empty’.

One owner gave us a little chuckle this year, admitting they thought the paddles on either side of the steering wheel were for controlling the stereo volume. The only volume that changed though would have been the engine. Here’s how to use gear shift paddles correctly, in at number six.

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In 2017, we once again looked at how much car a very tight budget will get you, and unearthed 12 vehicles that cost less than $16,000. At the end of 2018, the game has changed and many of the previous cheap champs are out to pasture so you can look forward to a new angle on this in 2019.

And here’s another landscape that is constantly changing. At number seven, you wanted to know just which of the global car making giants owns which brands. We put together a selection of easy to understand slides, showing just how powerful some of the parent companies are.

Back in 2015, we published a story that cleared up some of the confusion surrounding the minefield of replacing your car tyres. The test highlighted a number of surprises including some star performers and a real shocker. Despite its age, you are still flocking to the story for some gossip it seems.

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Rounding out the top ten were two more popular stories about cheap hardware. At number nine, we looked at all the options in the SUV realm for less than $25,000, and found 10 examples that are easy to recommend.

And at number ten, a similar in-depth story brought you some good choices for a new car if you have no more than $20,000 to spend.

What a savvy bunch you appear to be! We hope all that saved cash can be put to good use this Christmas and help enhance a very happy new year.


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