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Porsche top fives – tough tests, concepts and race-tech for the road

By WhichCar Staff, 09 Apr 2017 Car News

Porsche top fives – tough tests, concepts and race-tech for the road

Get some top weekend watching in with Porsche’s latest round of top-5 films

Porsche is keeping the flow of mouth-watering mini-movies coming with five more top-5 films that delve into the inner workings of its machines and some of the finer moments of Stuttgart’s stars.

Following on from the first three short films that looked at the best sounding Porsche engines, rarest production cars and wildest wings, the next set offers an insight into some fresh footage, with something for all the family.

The most recent production takes you over the barbed-wire fence and into the Weissach development ground for a look at the top-five most gruelling tests the German car maker throws at all of its vehicles.

High-performance models are pushed to the limit in a series of road simulations, while the off-road models are subjected to similar torture in a series of all-terrain tests.

Next up – the car maker looks at the most exclusive versions of the various models created by the special operations department.

Drool at the extravagant materials, craftsmanship and love that goes into the top-five special Porsches that were conceived to celebrate various major milestones in the company’s history.

Want more? Take five minutes to explore some of the gorgeous concepts that Porsche’s designers have penned throughout the years. Look back in time and see the origin of the models that you can now see on the road every day. And some you don’t.

And Porsche motorsport fans will be transfixed by the top-five best racing moments on both sealed surfaces and unforgiving off-road events, demonstrating the connection between the extreme world of competition cars and showroom models.

See if you can spot and decipher the hidden message under the 918’s spoiler.

Speaking of which, in the final vid, racing legend Walter Röhrl presents the five most impressive technologies that cascaded down from the racetrack to the road.

Happy weekend watching.