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Toyota Australia vehicle supply unaffected by Japanese earthquakes

21 Apr 2016 Car News

Toyota Australia vehicle supply unaffected by Japanese earthquakes

The recent earthquakes in Japan have rattled carmaker supply chains, closing production plants until the end of the month, but Australia remains unaffected at this stage.

Toyota has confirmed the disruption caused by a series of shattering earthquakes in Japan will have minimal effect on Australian deliveries, as the company plans to restart production from April 25.

WhichCar spoke to Toyota dealers who believe the affects of the earthquakes will be minor here in Australia, despite the deadly disasters suspending production at three key manufacturing plants.

Toyota Australia is remaining tight-lipped on the issue, only clarifying that there will be no impact on locally produced vehicles, the Toyota Camry and Aurion.

Toyota Corolla Camry and HiLux

“At this stage we are still investigating the impact on Australia,” said Beck Angle, Manager of Corporate Affairs at Toyota Australia.

“We can also confirm at this stage there has been no impact on local production of the Camry and Aurion.”

After Japan’s island Kyushu suffered a series of severe earthquakes last week, Toyota was forced to suspend its vehicle assembly lines due to a parts shortage but is preparing to open assembly lines in stages from April 25 to 28.

“The good news is that production will restart on most assembly lines from next week, which means it is only a one way production suspension,” said Angel.

Toyota 4x4 vehicles

Lexus and Toyota Corolla sedan assembly lines from the Tahara and Takaoka Plants will remain closed until later this month, while the future of four other plants remains unclear.

In a statement made by Toyota President Akio Toyoda, offering thoughts to the people shaken by the disaster, he said: “In a smaller way, Toyota has also been affected by this disaster. Although we are still trying to assess the exact impact on our operations, we are aware of issues at suppliers and production facilities, as well as dealerships. Toyota team members are already working side-by-side with local residents to support the ongoing relief and recovery efforts.”

Honda and Nissan are also affected by the earthquakes which killed more than 40 people, as aftershocks continue to strike Japan.