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Toyota and Subaru to unveil new car on April 5

By James Robinson, 26 Mar 2021 Car News

Toyota and Subaru to unveil new car

Is this the GR 86 launch we’ve all been waiting for?

Subaru and Toyota’s joint venture could bear more than one fruit in 2021, with both carmakers posting on their websites that a new car will be unveiled on Easter Monday, April 5. 

Crucially, it’s Toyota’s Gazoo Racing website sharing half of the big news, which suggests whatever is planned for will appeal to the driving enthusiasts.

Toyota Subaru new car reveal

Both websites have the phrase “Let's make a good car together!” plastered in the description of the online launch event, which will happen via a video stream hosted by Gazoo Racing president Koji Sato and Subaru managing executive officer and CTO Tetsuro Fujinuki.

While the event’s announcement has left many scratching their heads, the most logical conclusion is Toyota will unveil its new GR 86, as Subaru already revealed its new BRZ last year. 

Subaru BRZ

However, as WhichCar reported two days ago, it was rumoured Toyota had pushed the launch of its performance coupe, at the behest of the carmaker’s president Akio Toyoda, so engineers could focus on making the Gazoo Racing product more different from the BRZ.

That’s not to say the launch couldn’t still happen, but with whispers that the GR 86 would be delayed by nearly 12 months, it did sound less likely until this launch was announced, especially considering the alleged changes that were being made. 

Revised suspension, a different engine tune and even bespoke gearing have been floated on the rumour mill, which would take engineers time to develop and get right. 

Subaru BRZ

Alternatively, if it isn’t the GR 86 that Toyota Gazoo Racing and Subaru are launching in a week and a bit, another possibility is the rumoured hot hatch the two marques have been reportedly working on.

Last month, WhichCar reported that both Subaru and Toyota were planning an all-wheel drive, turbocharged hot hatch based on Subaru’s Impreza, and that it might be Toyota’s attempt at reviving the Celica GT-Four moniker. 

Subaru WRX

It is unlikely that this is the car we will see on Monday week, as reports also suggest the hot hatch is still well over a-year-and-a-half away from being unveiled, but stranger things have happened.

There’s also a small chance this release could be the co-developed all-electric vehicle the two brands have been working on, which has reportedly been in development since 2019. 

Whatever the case, we’ll find out shortly, and anyone wanting to watch the live event can head to Subaru’s website or Toyota Gazoo Racing’s website

Be sure to watch this space too, as WhichCar will be updating this story as more details become available.

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