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WhichCar Week that was - all the car news of the last seven days

By Tim Robson, 06 Jun 2020 Car News

WhichCar Week that was - all the car news of the last seven days

Your five-minute catch-up of all the automotive news from Australia and around the world

June 6 - You have to wonder what gets into people’s heads sometimes… On more than a few occasions this week, stories have crossed the desk about drivers taking on the long arm of the law and losing. And losing by quite a lot.

I’m not just talking about the scofflaws making repeated dashes across a deserted US – which led to this resurfacing of an amazing Wheels tale of Australia’s own Cannonball, but I digress – it seems even average Australians are taking more risks these days.

Perhaps it’s time to reconsider the notion of means-testing speeding fines again, or perhaps extending that means assessment to the perpetrator’s vehicle? At least two of the cars that were sprung were worth a reasonable amount of dough, so perhaps slapping a lien for a double-digit percentage of the car’s book value on the bottom of the fine is in order.


Oh look! Another dingbat!

For mine, driver distraction and driving to the conditions should be the mainstay of policing rather than skimming the entire pond for tiny speeding infractions – but I’ll make an exception for book-throwing if people are dumb enough to be doing more than 200km/h on public roads.

Perhaps ironically, one of the popular topics on whichcar.com.au this week was the notion of speed, with a group test of dual-cab utes being performance-tested topping the charts. A fast car with big kilometres on the clock also piqued interest, as did a supercharged V8 version of one of Australia’s favourite utes.


Which dual-cab 4x4 ute has the quickest straight-line speed?

Dual-cabs were big business this week, as they were in the Australian new car market last month. The much-anticipated midlife update of the Toyota HiLux was a popular tale – it was also a perfect platform to display the WhichCar TV talents of our eds in our regular Editor’s Verdict segments. 

We also revealed who’s who in the dual cab zoo when it comes to partnering up for the next generation of utes, and looked back at some of the least successful badge engineering match-ups of all time.

Lexus led the teaser brigade with a hint of what’s to come for the next generation IS sedan, while Audi revealed what could possibly be the swansong for the long-lived TT sports car.

If you’re lining up a trip this weekend, it’s worth checking out our travel updates blog, and you can see if your drive is on our bucket list of must-drive roads in Australia. Or you might be amongst the Aussies who think that interstate travel is still a bad idea?


Australian border closures a good thing, says national survey

On the lighter side of the equation, we marvelled at how a Taiwanese Tesla driver managed to get it so wrong, checked out a real estate listing for Holden’s Lang Lang proving ground that was never supposed to leave the office and check out Honda’s Lego ode to Mt Panorama.

WhichCar TV is back on track on your screens this Sunday, our world-famous podcast is stocked with new content, and all of our social pages are brimming with fun stuff to keep you entertained as the days get chillier.

Have a great weekend, and stay safe.