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Get new car advice from the experts – not Janice

19 Feb 2016 Car News

Meet the stars of the new Whichcar TV campaign

Get new car advice from the experts – not Janice

Meet Lara

Lara is a 28-year-old teacher. She recently moved from her small hometown to a one-bedroom unit in the big smoke for a great career opportunity and to prove to her family she knows how to adult.

Sick of breaking down on the West Gate Bridge, Lara is ready for a brand-spanking-new set of wheels. Lara might look like your typical ‘girl next door’ but deep down she knows what she wants: a fast, red car that’ll turn heads. But she also knows this is quite different to what she’ll end up buying: a stylish but practical car.

Now she’s on the hunt for a new car, but doesn’t even know where to start. That is until she hears about WhichCar.com.au.

The only problem is Lara’s internet keeps dropping out. So now she has to visit her curious neighbour, Janice, and her brood of cats. Claw-some.


Meet Janice

Janice drives a hot pink car with leopard-print seat covers, fluffy dice in the mirror and a personalised number plate that reads ‘FEL1N3’. Janice is also Lara’s involved neighbour. Once, Janice gave Lara an invitation to her cat’s birthday party – it was Garfield themed.

Janice loves her children – we mean cats – so much she’s named all of them after male celebrities including Clooney and DiCaprio (one is also named Winslet – presumably she had an experimental phase at uni). She never gets tired of making the joke that she’s got a hot date with Clooney.

But above all, Janice is a helper – she’s full of useful useless advice and even gave Lara a set of matching fluffy dice because they give new cars “cat-titude”.