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Podcasts for long drives

By Alexandra Lawrence, 26 May 2019 Car Opinions

Podcasts for long drives

What do car journos listen to when they're on the road?

Ever wondered what Aussie motoring journos listen to while they’re testing the infotainment systems on your next new car?

Wonder no more!

We’ve snooped around the office to find out what our rev-head writers tune into when they’re not in the office. And they might take you by surprise…


F1 Beyond The Grid – Tim Robson

“I’m a late starter to podcasts, and this is a brilliant one to start with if you’re an F1 fan. Noted journo Tom Clarkson shares time with the sport’s luminaries both past and present, and he digs up some amazing gems. The recent interview with Alan Jones, for example, is amazing.”


Armchair Expert Podcast – Dave Bonnici

“US sitcom actor Dax Shepherd is the Armchair Expert who, often with regular guest Monica Padman, engages his incredibly broad general knowledge and quick humour for a highly addictive series of discussions with real experts and other celebrities about all manner of subjects.

Most podcasts centre on a specific theme or subject, but you never know what you’ll get with this – and you always learn something new while being entertained.”


Style Your Mind Podcast – Ali Lawrence

“Cara Alwill Leyba is an author and life coach from the US. Her podcast, Style Your Mind, has nothing to do with cars – but she focuses on empowering and uplifting women as well as focusing on personal growth and business development. Which, when you think about it… means you could buy more cars with all your new-found money and success. So it’s a win-win really. And, as the ancient prophecy goes… ‘girls don’t like boys, girls like cars and money’.”

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Autoline Daily - Alex Rae

"The beauty of this podcast is that you can listen to them pretty much anywhere and Autoline Daily is so short and concise. I get a quick rundown on the important news I need to know every day in just a few minutes. People as busy as me just don't have time to waste, ya know?" 


Rusty’s Garage – Tim Robson

Robbo couldn’t decide on a favourite – so he picked two.

“Greg's career as one of Australia's premier motorsport commentators has provided him with a little black book like no other. His guest list is a who's-who of motorsport, but more importantly, they are all keen to open up and give Rusty more than the usual PR brush-off. The chat with David Brabham, in particular, is just outstanding.”


Stuff You Should Know - Noelle Faulkner

"I listen to music more than podcasts when driving, so I don't have any that I follow religiously.  However,  I'm very much a sucker for big ideas, bizarro facts and futurist discussion - so there are a number of ones I will dip in and out of when I need a dose of inspiration, depending on the topic. Some favourites: The AI Podcast which looks at the intersection of AI technology and daily life; The Sydney Opera House's Ideas at the House, all the audio from ideas events like All About Women and Dangerous Ideas are uploaded here (I love this because so often I'm out of town when these events are on so I don't feel like I'm missing out); The Monocle Culture Show for it's features, interviews and coverage of global events like Milan Design Week (actually, I subscribe to all of Monocle's podcasts involving business and culture);  NPR's Invisibilia, which discusses all sorts of unseen things and finally, I guess if I had to recommend one just for fun, Stuff You Should Know from the How Stuff Works network is probably the coolest one I subscribe to, just for the curiosity factor."


Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History – Dave Bonnici

And neither could Dave…

“History lessons were never this entertaining! Carlin uses his passionate story-telling style to look at historical events, in particular, conflicts that shaped the world from multiple angles, and he takes the time to put them in context with current events. Some episodes are more than three hours long, which provides plenty of listening through the week.”


Did you know WhichCar has a weekly podcast?

Sometimes we simply don’t have enough time or space to fit in everything from the motoring week but that doesn’t stop us talking about cars, driving and the adventures that come with the territory.

Each week Andy, Dan and Scott get together to discuss the hottest topics and their favourite anecdotes, but on the weeks we are too scared, you can expect to find another one of our learned journalists keeping their seats warm and taking the flak.  

If you’re yet to experience the dulcet tones of Dan Gardner, Andy Enright or Scott Newman, you can check out the WhichCar Weekly podcast here.

You can also listen to the WhichCar Weekly podcast on Apple Podcasts.