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2017 Renault Megane GT Wagon long-term review, part two

By Byron Mathioudakis, 14 Jan 2018 Car Reviews

2017 Renault Megane GT Wagon long-term review part two

A death in the family sees the Megane doing more than it was born for

CARS, of course, are much more than transport.

Unexpectedly, during month two, our Renault Megane GT also became an instrument of change, reflection and even solace.

Up until then, the French wagon’s combination of performance, handling and sophistication had surprised and delighted. Still does. A happy and charming addition to family life. It still is.

Sadly, however, our beloved Labrador Retriever Romy died early one September morning, in my partner’s arms from age-related illness. She was 13. I was in Europe on a work assignment when I received the dreaded Skype call. Her tail wagged feebly in acknowledgement as distraught words sobbed out of my mouth from across the world. And then, in an instant, she slipped away. Our sense of loss is profound.

Qantas ensured I was home as soon as possible, and the following weeks were a blur of tears and heartache. I don’t know how we would have managed but for the love and support of family and friends. That’s life I guess.

We eventually decided to clear a lifetime’s worth of Romy’s gear, which led to a spring clean that was a decade in the making. Nothing like starting afresh.

As this is a long-term car report and not a therapist’s couch, I should report here the Megane GT shone as a wagon, carting loads of clothing, small furniture, kitchenware, books and other items like it was designed to.


A wide aperture, low flat floor with the rear seats folded (via a handy quick-release lever) and an uncomplicated luggage cover helped. We thought a van would be necessary for the many trips to the Pet Rescue op shop or tip, but only a pair of drawers wouldn’t fit.

The Renault also stepped up in another way, when being at home alone during the daytime (as a freelancer) proved too sad. Feeling snugly located in the heavily bolstered driver’s seat and with the volume turned up, I welcomed the Megane GT’s kick-ass sound system with its simple song selection set-up, finding random, lovely, wistful comfort in tunes from Luluc, Arcade Fire, Alex the Astronaut and LCD Soundsystem.

It was a soothing, cocooning world in which to grieve, and provided a fresh appreciation for my sporty Euro wagon. And more importantly a reminder of what really matters.

RIP, our little hairy daughter.

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