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Snackable Review: Audi Q7

30 Sep 2015 Car Reviews

Snackable Review: Audi Q7

If you need to haul seven passengers in supreme comfort and luxury, Audi’s new from the ground up Q7 is now smarter, safer, faster and even more efficient than before.


  • It’s light. The old Q7 had a reputation as a bit of a fatty, but Audi has cut an impressive 240kg out of this new model thanks mostly to a new, aluminium intensive body. Less weight means a big 21 percent improvement in fuel use, and also enhances the Audi Q7’s handling and dynamics.
  • Its brand new interior is one of Audi’s best. Leather seats are supremely comfortable and access to the second and third rows is excellent. Audi has also lowered the boot height to make loading and unloading easier, and the boot itself is massive.
  • It has more technology than the Starship Enterprise. Option all of the Q7’s Assistance systems and it can steer, brake and accelerate on its own in city traffic, park itself and even prevent the driver from turning into the path of oncoming vehicles at intersections.  It also inherits the same high-tech digital instrument cluster debuted in the Audi TT sportscar, which is brilliant.
  • Did we mention how well it handles? No two-tonne SUV should feel this agile or have this much grip. And while the Q7 mightn’t be the most engaging thing to drive quickly, its performance is hugely impressive for such a large car.
  • It’s also wonderfully quiet, refined and beautifully made. It feels expensive, which is good, because at over $100K, it is.


  • While the ride is comfortable and supple on standard 19-inch wheels, it’s less convincing on optional 21-inch hoops. The bigger wheels look better, but they give the Q7 a harder and less settled ride.
  • The options are expensive. While the Q7’s list of standard equipment is extensive, adding a few choice options can blow its price tag out considerably. The most hedonistic option is a $14,850 Bang & Olufsen sound system.
  • There are no third-row air vents, which could become uncomfortable for rear passengers on longer journeys.

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