• Value. Holden has thrown the kitchen sink at the Astra range. The GTC Sport gets a swathe of kit for relatively little money compared to other hatches of its ilk.
  • Turbo. The Astra comes with a choice of two boosted motors. There’s a 1.6-litre in the GTC and GTC Sport, or a high-po 2.0-litre in the VXR.
  • Seats. Heated, leather appointed, electronically adjustable front seats. Say no more.
  • Dynamics. Those boffins at Holden have built some very tricky front suspension for the Astra, and it’s a keen driver as a result. The excellent chassis also helps.
  • Lights. LED lights at the rear of the Astra are a premium addition to the good-looking European exterior.


  • Age. This generation of Astra is nearing the end of its lifecycle and will soon be replaced by a new model.
  • Interior. Where the Astra shows its age most is inside. The predominately dark plastic trim is a bit cheap to the touch and the centre console full of buttons is also a dated look.
  • Visibility. Reverse parking the Astra is tricky due to a tiny rear window and thick C pillars. Thankfully it does have front and rear parking sensors, but there’s no reverse camera which is a real shame.

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