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Snackable Review: Mitsubishi Triton

03 Aug 2015 Car Reviews

If you’re looking for a value-for-money four-wheel drive, it’s hard to go past the Mitsubishi Triton. Its tidy handling, user-friendly 4x4 system and the $36,990 entry-level price tag appeals to serious adventurers and weekend warriors alike.

Snackable Review: Mitsubishi Triton


  • Pep. On paper, the new Triton is not the most powerful ute out there, but because it is relatively light and short in length for a modern 4x4, it still feels zippy and even sporty compared to some other trucks on the market.
  • Easy 4x4. The Triton’s ‘Super Select’ 4x4 system brings the benefits of full-time 4x4 to general driving. It’s a bonus to be able to select full-time 4x4 rather than shift between high-4 and 2WD on different driving surfaces.
  • Suspension. Revised suspension means a softer ride and less coffee spilt in your lap.
  • Easy to reverse. A camera turns on to show you what’s behind you down low when you’re reversing. It makes it hard to hit something, which is great in a car that might otherwise be scary to park.
  • The interior. The cabin’s finish is far better than it was in the previous Triton, with more of a passenger-car feel than that of a commercial vehicle.
  • Steering. The Triton handles pretty well for a big car and drivers can now adjust the tilt and reach of the steering wheel.
  • Safety. The new Triton has achieved a five-star ANCAP safety rating.


  • The gears. The auto Triton has an older transmission system with fewer speeds than some of the other new utes on the market. It doesn’t do a bad job, but it could be more agreeable by offering quicker, smarter and more decisive shifts.
  • Fuel use. Despite a good ADR fuel figure of 7.6L/100km, our real-world tests show the Triton consumes more like 11.5L/100km.
  • Room. The new Triton’s cabin is slightly bigger than old Triton’s, but it’s still pretty small, and it’s certainly cosy for three adults in the back.
  • The sports bars. You might think the chrome sports bars on the ute tray look pretty cool. But when you keep seeing an imaginary silver car in your blind spot, the sportiness loses its appeal. 


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