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What to expect from this week's WhichCar TV episode...

By Tom Fraser, 06 Aug 2020 Season 2

This week we're keeping the revs high and the horsepower pumping with a muscle car extravaganza

WhichCar TV Season Two Episode 25 preview

What's on WhichCar TV this week?

Muscle car mania!

This Sunday we're looking at cars that have too much power for their own good. Come with us as we explore the world of the muscle car. 

Ford's fast Falcons

Phase IV GTHO XA Falcon sells for $2 million

The GT-HO is arguably the most iconic Australian muscle car nameplate of all time and its sole purpose was to dominate at Bathurst. Guy Allen investigates the mythology surrounding the forgotten Phase IV

How about Holden? 

Project Monaro - the full story

On the other side of the fence is the Holden Monaro muscle car - the car that gave Holden its first ever Bathurst win. Andrew Broadley sneaks a peek at Holden's Project Monaro which recommissioned a modern Monaro into its ultimate high-performance form. 

HSV's history

HSV GTS R W1 prices stall

Speak of muscle cars in Australia and it's not long before the HSV name is mentioned. We take a look at its final ode to Australian muscle cars, the HSV GTSR W1.

The Ultimate Falcon send-off

2019 Premcar Holy Grail feature review

While Ford Australia never buoyed to pressure to create one final GT-HO, the team at Premcar couldn't let the Falcon nameplate die without one final go at it. 

The future of muscle cars

HSV Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE pack review feature

Just because our local heroes are gone doesn't mean there's going to be any less fun in the future... We take a look at what Australians are being offered in the muscle car stakes going foward. 

WhichCar TV Season Two Episode 25

4:00pm Sunday August 9, Channel 10 


For season two, we're also offering an amazing prize for our viewers. How does a trip to the Maldives sound? Pretty awesome, right? 

The competition is open NOW so make sure you tune into WhichCar TV on Channel Ten at 4pm Sunday AEDT.

And, if for some reason you can't (and it had better be a good reason!) then there's a host of ways to catch up on the show, check out behind-the-scenes stuff and find out more about the cars Aussies want to buy.

For example, our weekly podcast, our Facebook page and our YouTube channel are standing by 24/7. 

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