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WhichCar TV Season Two Episode 4 Preview

By Emma Notarfrancesco, 01 Feb 2020 Season 2

This week a stylish panel of judges reveal Australia’s coolest new car. And from cool to classic, we head to the golden era of British Motorsport

WCSA 2020

Australia’s Coolest New Car Revealed

The WhichCar Style Awards were judged earlier this year by a panel of 11 judges; all experts in the field of design and lifestyle.

Eight cars were selected and judged on a variety of elements including exterior and interior design, practicality and technology, to name a few.

In the end, it was the Tesla Model 3 that came out on top being recognised for its efficiency, good looks, driving experience and overall satisfying package.

The Goodwood Revival

Glenn Butler and Rachel Reed get right in amongst the colour and excitement of a captivating motorsport event at the Goodwood Motor Circuit.

Running since 1998, enthusiasts travel from all over to be apart of the glamour. It’s not just an event made up of exciting racing, it’s got a bit of everything; including rare car auctions, classic car displays and you can even dress up in your finest fancy dress too.

Wheels Editor Review

Finally on this weeks jam-packed show Alex Inwood shares his thoughts on one of the best selling SUVs in the country, the Nissan X-Trail. 



WhichCar TV episode three


4.00pm Sunday February 16


Channel 10


Dan Gardner @octanedan

Elise Elliot @eliseelliott_media

Emma Notarfrancesco @emmanotarfrancesco

Glenn Butler @glennthebutler

Rachel Reed @rackree

Alex Inwood @clutchkickalx


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