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WhichCar TV Season Two Episode 3 preview

By Tim Robson, 01 Feb 2020 Season 2

It's time for Performance Car of the Year, plus we hunt down the elusive Penrith panther

WhichCar TV Season Two Episode 3 preview

This week on WhichCar TV, it's time to get sideways as the mad, manic crew at MOTOR magazine alight to Adelaide to torture tyres and immolate engines in the search for Australia's Performance Car of the Year.

WhichCar TV PCOTY 2020

You ain't seen anything until you've seen an Alfa Romeo Stelvio QV howling sideways on the lockstops, that's for sure. 

Episode one preview

Ep three - now on at the new time of 4.30pm Sunday on TEN - will also examine one of the most endearing myths in Australian - okay, western Sydney - folklore... the existence of the famed Penrith panther.

Wheels' Ash Westerman (below) stars in his first WCTV segment for 2020, and he takes his Jeep Wrangler above and beyond in the call of duty.

Penrith panther Ash Westerman WhichCar TV

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And in our Editor's Review section, Alex Inwood gets up close and personal with the best-selling Mazda3.

There's our new Continental Car Lab section, too, which aims to bust some of the enduring fables permeating in the automotive world. This week, Robbo reveals how the team look after the tyres that sacrifice their lives in the line of PCOTY duty each year.

WhichCar TV season one review

For season two, we're also offering an amazing prize for our viewers. How does a trip to the Maldives sound? Pretty awesome, right? The competition is open now, so make sure you tune into WhichCar TV on Channel 10 this Sunday at the new time of 4.30pm AEDT.

And, if for some reason you can't (and it had better be a good reason!) then there's a host of ways to catch up on the show, check out behind-the-scenes stuff and find out more about the cars Aussies want to buy.

For example, our weekly podcast, our Facebook page and our YouTube channel are standing by 24/7, and you'll be able to check out each episode on Ten Play.



WhichCar TV episode three


4.30pm (new time!) Sunday February 9


Channel 10


Dylan Campbell (@campbellsoops​)

Ash Westerman (@ashwesterman66)

Tim Robson (@032cars)

Alex Inwood (@clutchkickalx)


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