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WhichCar TV Season Two Episode Two preview

By Tim Robson, 01 Feb 2020 Season 2

Dan and Emma live it up, while the Wheels team throws it down for Car of the Year

WhichCar TV season two Daniel Gardner Rolls Royce

This week on WhichCar TV, Dan Gardner and Emma Notarfrancesco take the road less travelled – well, by the likes of normal people, anyone – as they venture into the ultra-rarefied air that surrounds one of the most luxurious cars on the road, the Rolls Royce Wraith Black Badge.

And yes, of course there are kebabs involved. What are we… savages?

Episode one preview

Episode two will also peel back the foil lid on arguably the most comprehensive car assessment program in the country, Wheel’s Car of Year.

Revealed in all its lounge suit/cocktail dress glory at the recent Australian Motoring Awards, Car of the Year is a week-long deep dive into exactly what makes a car worthy of the most prestigious prize in Aussie motoring.

Winner of Wheels 2020 COTY

There are smiles, there are quarrels. There is dust, and there is smoke. And at the end of it all, only one car can stand tall as the 2020 Wheels Car of the Year.

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There's our new Continental Car Lab section, too, which aims to bust some of the enduring fables permeating in the automotive world. This week, Dan answers the age-old question... can you go faster in forward gear or reverse?

WhichCar TV season one review

For season two, we're also offering an amazing prize for our viewers. How does a trip to the Maldives sound? Pretty awesome, right? The competition is open now, so make sure you tune into WhichCar TV on Channel Ten at 4pm AEDT.

And, if for some reason you can't (and it had better be a good reason!) then there's a host of ways to catch up on the show, check out behind-the-scenes stuff and find out more about the cars Aussies want to buy.

For example, our weekly podcast, our Facebook page and our YouTube channel are standing by 24/7, and you'll be able to check out each ep on Ten Play



WhichCar TV episode two


4pm Sunday February 2


Channel 10


Daniel Gardner (@octanedan)

Emma Notarfrancesco (@emmanotarfrancesco)

Alex Inwood (@clutchkickalx​)


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