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All-time 10 quickest cars of Drag Challenge 2018 – Video

By Brett Collingwood, 03 May 2018 Drag Challenge

These are the 10 quickest-ever passes at Drag Challenge events so far

All-time 10 quickest cars of Drag Challenge 2018 – Video

WE’VE seen some incredible performances on the strip since we began Street Machine Drag Challenge in 2014, and all by genuinely street-driven cars. With Terry Seng posting the quickest-ever DC pass  at the recent Drag Challenge Weekend, we thought it was time to collate a list of the 10 best ETs from all our Drag Challenge events. Racers didn’t need to have finished the whole event to qualify for this list; the only criterion was that the pass was made at a DC event.

So here they are – the 10 quickest Drag Challenge passes so far. Will Terry Seng’s record be broken at the 2018 Drag Challenge in November?

Terry Seng VC Commodore1. TERRY SENG – VC Commodore

7.668@179.04mph(Drag Challenge Weekend 2018)

Jarrod Wood HQ One Tonner2. JARROD WOOD – HQ Tonner

7.714@184.32mph (Drag Challenge 2016)

Quentin Feast Holden LH Torana3. QUENTIN FEAST – LH Torana

7.996@174.14mph (Drag Challenge 2017)

Adam Rogash Holden VT Clubsport4. ADAM ROGASH –VT ClubSport

7.996@171.23mph (Drag Challenge 2015)

Brad Lane Holden LH Torana5. BRAD LANE – LH Torana

8.012@164.03mph (Drag Challenge Weekend 2018)

Bubba Medlyn Holden VH Commodore6. BUBBA MEDLYN – VH Commodore

8.016@176.30mph (Drag Challenge 2016)

Mark Van Der Togt Ford XW Futura7. MARK VAN DER TOGT – XW Futura

8.079@169.06mph (Drag Challenge Weekend 2018)

Mark Drew Holden LH Torana8. MARK DREW – LH Torana

8.146@171.55mph (Drag Challenge 2017)

David Williams Holden HG Premier9. DAVID WILLIAMS – HG Premier

8.158@167.88mph (Drag Challenge Weekend 2018)

Elvio Gonzalez Ford Capri10. ELVIO GONZALEZ – Ford Capri

8.321@167.36mph (Drag Challenge 2016)


And finishing just outside the Top 10:

Luke Foley Holden VH Commodore11. LUKE FOLEY – VH Commodore

8.371@155.57mph (Drag Challenge 2017)

Jamie Farmer Falcon XH ute 12. JAMIE FARMER – XH Falcon ute

8.416@160.37mph (Drag Challenge Weekend 2018)

Chris Veleski Toyota Lexcen 13. CHRIS VELESKI – Toyota Lexcen

8.427@169.72mph (Drag Challenge 2016)