As we head into the final day of Street Machine Drag Challenge at Calder Park Raceway, Bubba Medlyn in the VH Commodore is still out in front of the Turbosmart Outlaw Blown class and the event overall. Behind him in the overall standings is Adam Rogash, who leads Haltech Radial Blown, followed in close proximity by Mark Drew, Terry Seng and Jarrod Wood.

For those who are just joining us, Drag Challenge is a five-day event, with racers competing at five tracks and driving unassisted between each for some 1500km. The standings in the tyre classes are calculated by adding together each racer’s best timeslip from each track.

In Tuff Mounts DYO, the winner will be the racer with the smallest spread between their quickest and slowest nominated timeslips. Benny Phillips remains out in front in this class, although Alysha Teale has snuck in front of John Kerr to claim second place.

Racing continues today at Calder Park Raceway, from 4pm until 9pm. Entry is $25 and we’d love to see you there. 


Bubba Medlyn VH Commodore 30.7289
Jarrod Wood HQ tonner 31.9755
Brendan Cherry HQ Monaro 32.4004
Luke Foley VH Commodore 33.2041
Rodney Browitt HQ ute 34.0699


Adam Rogash VT Clubsport 31.0327
Mark Drew LH Torana 31.1019
Terry Seng VC Commodore 31.8409
Luke Grima Red Torana 32.7148
Graeme Horner VK Commodore 32.8375


Stephen Micallef HQ Holden 34.6345
Andrew McLellan Plymouth ’Cuda 39.4177
Jon Mitchell Dodge Challenger 39.4726
John Micallef LH Torana 46.759


Alon Vella Ford Capri 33.8854
Nathan Ghosn Ford Capri 36.1195
George Haddad XR Falcon 37.9411
Daryl Elliott LH Torana 38.0131
Damon Kirkwood Holden Gemini 40.5836


Benny Phillips ’68 HK Holden 0.0067
Alysha Teale HQ Holden 0.0101
John Kerr Mercury Comet 0.0125
Daniel Barbary Chrysler Centura 0.0133
Grant Pegler LX Torana SS 0.0142