Drag Challenge Weekend 2018 entry list

Drag Challenge Weekend 2018 entry list

Ford Capri

THE first ever Street Machine Drag Challenge Weekend is less than a month away. Starting on 13 April at Queensland's Willowbank Raceway we'll have a day of racing before heading to Warwick Dragway a few hours north for day two. Come Sunday 15 April we'll be back at Willowbank for the final day of racing where we'll crown the inaugural Drag Challenge Weekend winner. 

So far we've had around seventy cars and drivers who have paid up and are entered in the event across Outlaw Blown, Radial Blown, Radial Aspirated, Outlaw Aspirated and Dial Your Own classes. If you're interested in joining the gang and taking on the three day race and drive road trip across Queensland, it's not too late to enter! Click here to head on over to the Drag Challenge Weekend entry page. We'll be updating the entrant list below as more people join in the fun. 

Entrant Car Class
Stephen Micallef 1972 Holden HQ Outlaw Aspirated
Steve Reimann 1963 Dodge 440 Outlaw Aspirated
Rahim Tarr 1980 Ford Falcon Outlaw Aspirated
Tanya Thompson 1982 Holden Commodore Outlaw Blown
Bill Ewing 1967 Ford Mustang Radial Aspirated
Brodie Olsen 1978 Holden Torana Radial Aspirated
Brenton Miller 1975 Chrysler KB Centura Radial Aspirated
Karen Bawden 1969 Valiant VF Regal hard top Radial Aspirated
Pat O’Shea 1967 Ford Fairmont Radial Aspirated
Mark Stewart 1974 Holden Torana LH SL/R 5000 Radial Aspirated
Brian Jensen 1968 AMC Javelin Radial Aspirated
Sheridan Eaton 1968 Chev Camaro Radial Aspirated
Craig Daly 1970 Holden HT Belmont Radial Aspirated
Tim Murphy 2002 Holden Commodore Radial Aspirated
Alon Vella 1971 Ford Capri Radial Aspirated
Robert Fenwick 1981 Holden Commodore Radial Aspirated
Steve Hopes 1964 Holden EH Radial Aspirated
Nathan Ghosn 1970 Ford Capri Radial Aspirated
Andrew Valentine Holden HQ Monaro Radial Aspirated
Mark Van Der Togt 1970 Ford XW Futura Radial Blown
Mitch Hamilton 1971 Datsun 1200 Radial Blown
Ben Kadel 1975 Chrysler Galant Radial Blown
Scott Taylor 2010 Ford Falcon Radial Blown
Fabian Huff 1982 Ford XE ESP Radial Blown
Ben Smith 1969 Ford XW Radial Blown
Cory Read 1986 Ford Falcon XF Radial Blown
Jamie Farmer 1997 Ford XH Falcon ute Radial Blown
Ben Taylor 1967 Chevrolet Camaro Radial Blown
Nic Lawrence 1967 Ford Falcon Radial Blown
David Williams 1970 Holden HG Premier Radial Blown
Brad Lane 1974 Holden Torana Radial Blown
Darrin Miller 1989 Nissan Skyline Radial Blown
Terry Seng 1981 Holden Commodore Radial Blown
Michael Titmarsh 1975 Ford TD Cortina Radial Blown
Lochlann Miller 1988 Nissan Skyline Radial Blown
Ben Vlekken 1983 Holden Commodore Radial Blown
Jonathan Fulton 1982 Datsun Bluebird Radial Blown
Tara Johnston 1997 Toyota Supra Radial Blown
Jason Ross Holden UC Torana Radial Blown
Alysha Teale 1973 Holden HQ Premier Dial Your Own
Paul Thorpe 1968 Chrysler Valiant VE Dial Your Own
Mitchell Bean 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Dial Your Own
Jamie Spiller 1985 Mitsubishi Sigma Dial Your Own
Scott Whitley 1999 Holden Commodore Dial Your Own
Bill Martland 1993 Holden VR SS Commodore Dial Your Own
Damien Boyce 1968 Ford Falcon Dial Your Own
Greg Trapnell 1974 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Dial Your Own
Craig Hughes 1976 Holden LX Torana Dial Your Own
Kyle DePiazza 1984 Ford Fairmont Dial Your Own
Andrew Dunnett 1977 Chrysler CL Valiant ute Dial Your Own
Shane Locke 1975 Chev LUV Dial Your Own
Anthony Ellis 1968 Holden HK ute Dial Your Own
Clive Polidano 1977 Holden HZ Dial Your Own
Chris Martin 1968 Chev Camaro Dial Your Own
Matthew Vella 1969 Holden HT Kingswood Dial Your Own
Bradley Lynch 1972 Holden HQ Monaro Dial Your Own
Wayne Sampson 1981 Ford XD Dial Your Own
Gavin McNamara 1996 Holden Commodore Dial Your Own
Stew Walsh 1968 Holden Kingswood Dial Your Own
Jarrod Wood 2016 Holden Calais Dial Your Own
Matt Britnell 1971 Ford Falcon Dial Your Own
Rick Welch 1973 Holden HQ Dial Your Own
Greg Mason 1964 Chevrolet El Camino Dial Your Own
Lee Hill 1971 Ford XY Fairmont Dial Your Own
Jason Davidson 1971 Holden Tonner Dial Your Own
Richard Horvat 1965 Ford Falcon Sprint Dial Your Own
Daryl Amey 1971 Holden HG Dial Your Own
Luke Cullen 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Dial Your Own
Matt Walsh 1966 Ford Mustang Dial Your Own
Steve Nightingale 1972 Ford Falcon Dial Your Own
Zaaron Titmarsh 2000 Ford AU Fairmont wagon Dial Your Own
Jonathan Codd Holden HZ Tonner Dial Your Own
Ian Pymble Ford XD Falcon Dial Your Own
Michael Higgs Holden VH Commodore Dial Your Own
Dave Hutchinson Ford XT Falcon wagon Dial Your Own
Peter Johnson Chrysler VG Valiant Dial Your Own

Simon Major

Thomas Goldsbrough

Chrysler Panelvan

1998 Commodore 

Dial Your Own

Dial Your Own



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