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Drag Challenge Weekend 2020 Entry List

By Street Machine staff, 17 Nov 2020 Drag Challenge

Drag Challenge Weekend 2020 Entry List

Presenting the list of legends who have signed up for Street Machine Drag Challenge Weekend 2020 so far!

ENTRIES for Street Machine Drag Challenge Weekend 2020 have only been open for a week, but we already have over 100 entries! Considering that the borders between Qld and NSW are yet to open, that is a pretty clear sign that folks are pretty keen to get out there, cruise the country and race with their mates. We'll update the list every few days! 

The event runs from 27-29 November, 2020. Info here! 

Ford Capri


Name Car Capacity (CI) Quickest ET
Nathan Ghosn Ford Capri 370ci 9.64
Dave Hutchinson Ford Falcon wagon 408ci 10.82
Strati Pantges VH Commodore 355ci 10.5
Mark Riek Holden Torana 5665cc 0
Mark Stewart Commodore ute 383ci 11
Gary Harvey Holden Commodore 383ci 11.2
Craig Walker Ford XD sedan 408ci 10.6
Peter Gibbs Holden Commodore 383ci 11.11
Mike Pullella Holden Monaro CV8 346ci 12.6
Kevin Brown Holden Commodore 6800cc 10.9
Antonino chisari Holden Monaro CV8 5700cc 12.2
Mark Sauer Holden HQ Monaro 454ci 11.4
Toby Howard Holden Torana 6200cc 10.6
Glenn Johnson Holden HQ GTS 383ci 11.4
Ryan Mckenzie Ford XY 351ci 10.65
John Kerr Mercury Comet 364ci 10.61
Andrew McLellan Chev Corvette 350ci 11.95
Brodie Olsen Holden Torana 383ci 9.78


Drag Challenge Weekend 2020 spectator tickets available here

Jason Ross torana


Name Car Capacity (CI) Quickest ET
Lochlann Miller Nissan Skyline 6000cc 9.2
Matt Loy Holden HQ wagon 364ci 10.65
Daryl Amey Holden HG 183ci 11.2
Adrian Nicholls Holden Commodore 5700cc 11.9
Greg Trapnell Chev Nova 350cc 10.8
Andrew Valentine Holden HT ute 406ci 9
Lee Hill Ford XY Fairmont 5000cc 11.16
Jason Ross UC Torana hatch 346ci 8.63
Michael Silk Datsun 1200 station wagon 1998cc 8.802
Juan Kudnig Holden HT 400ci 5.2
Dean Pratt Nissan S14 2500cc NQ
Brett Mathew Holden HT 350ci 8.9
Brett Morgan Holden HT wagon 408ci 9.8


Holden HQ


Name Car Capacity (CI) Quickest ET
Troy Lonsdale Holden Commodore 6000cc 12.9
Christopher Schaper VC Commodore 350ci 12.03
Octavio Moiz Toyota Supra 3000cc 11.92
Steve Nightingale Ford Falcon 427ci 10.85
Nathan Gardner Holden HG 383ci 11.94
Rob Huston Dodge D5N 5700cc 11.64
Marcus Borg Ford XT Falcon 351ci 11.48
Duncan Mckenna Dodge Charger 500ci 11.48
Adam Lincoln Holden HQ One-tonner 454ci 12
Jye Core Valiant VG Safari 540ci 10.98
Scott Constable Holden HK Kingswood 565ci 11
Joel Ricketts Chrysler Valiant AP6 440ci 10.5
Bill Martland Commodore VR SS 355ci 11.4
Shane Moran Holden WB 6300cc 11.5
Wade Moran Ford Mustang 5686cc 11.8
Matt Britnell Ford Falcon 7000cc 12
John Di Mauro Holden Monaro 6000cc 11.02
Alysha Teale Holden HQ 383ci 10.82
Malcolm McIntosh Valiant VE wagon 6685cc 10.84
Daniel Case HK Kingswood 350ci 11.6
Bruce Tranent Chev Camaro 5700cc 11.9
Stephen Hyslop Holden UC Torana 304ci 11.87
Grant Pollard Holden WB 346ci 11.2
Michael McMullen Valiant Charger 408ci 11.6
Bryce Godfrey’s Holden HJ GTS 6000cc 10.6
Mark McNee Chrysler Valiant 5200cc 14
Mitchell Jannusch Ford XD 6.2ci 12
Callan Donnan Holden HG 383ci 11.99
Tom Banks Chrysler by Chrysler CH 408ci 10.8
Brett McIlveen Holden HQ 383ci 11.89
Jason Meares Holden Commodore 4000cc 10
Jake Mills Volvo 240 4000cc 11.93
Tim Elford Ford Fairmont 5800cc NQ
Terry Denovan Holden Commodore VH 6000cc NQ
Tony Ferguson Holden Kingswood 406ci 10.5
Rowan Ward Ford XY Falcon 4100 NQ
Brendan Bassett Holden Torana 253ci 12
Marcus Lea Ford 1937 pick-up 347ci 12
Paul Neilsen Ford FG 3984cc 11.65
Clinten Genrich Ford F100 4739.73 NQ
Todd Jones 1964 Chev Bel Air 6000cc 11.4
Anthony Raschella Chev Chevelle 400ci NQ
Daniel Gathercole Holden Monaro GTS 409ci 9.14
Steven Paech Holden HJ Monaro 347ci 12.1
Mark Stevens Holden Commodore 5.0L 12.26
Ron Viljanen Holden EH 5.0L 11.2
Brad Lynch Holden Monaro 434ci 10.8
Filip Petrovic Ford XB Falcon 408ci 11.04
Goran Spasovski Chev Camaro 406ci 11.5
Paul Allan Holden Monaro 5.0L NQ
Ben Dunlop Holden Statesman 570 0
Adam Edwards Holden Commodore 3300 0
Tim Cross Ford TF Cortina 250 10.5
Glen Finegan Holden Torana 6.0L 11
Brendon Burnett VW Beetle 2332 12.3
Andrew Long Holden HZ One-Tonner 308ci 12.9
Jason Johnson Holden HT sedan 496ci 10.9
Shaun Parsons Holden Commodore 6.0L 11.5

 Holden VH Commodore wagon


Name Car Capacity (CI) Quickest (ET)
Andrew Natoli VK Commodore 385ci 10.5
Jai Schluter Ford Mustang 6000cc 9.106
Mitch Pullen Toyota HiLux 6000cc 9.88
Rahim Tarr Ford Falcon ute 434ci 9.62
Adrian Morton Ford Mustang 452ci 10.1
Mark Clifford Ford Mustang 632ci 8.9
Stephen Micallef Holden HQ 632ci 8.95



Name Car Capacity (CI) Quickest (ET)
Tony Carter Chev Impala   8.9
Todd O'Leary Ford Mustang 302ci 9.64
Benny Wilkinson Honda Integra 1800cc 10.2
Louis Younis Chevrolet Chevelle 540ci NQ
Wayne Sampson Ford pick-up 283ci 9.5
Tianna Forsyth-Tulk Ford XD 393ci 11
Trent Brimble Holden Commodore 404ci 0
Matthew Cowley Holden VE Commodore 6.0L 11.3

 Holden HQ


Name Car Capacity (CI) Quickest (ET)
Alon Vella Ford Capri 440ci 8.49
Karen Bawden Valiant hardtop 383ci 11.1
Bill Ewing Ford Mustang 408ci 10.86
Jesse Davidson Holden HG 6.6-litre 10.41
Dan Young Ford XY 420ci 10.1
Stephen Garrett Ford Falcon 5800cc NQ
John Busuttil Mercury Cougar 351ci 11.98
Rick Welch Holden HQ GTS 383ci 11.3
Mark Arnold Ford Falcon wagon 417ci 10.85
Tom Hastings Ford Customline 572ci NQ
Patrick O’Shea Ford XY 483ci 0
Matty Saverin Ford XR Fairmont 440ci 9.26

 Ford Falcon ute


Name Car Capacity (CI) Quickest (ET)
Mitchell Bean Chev Camaro 400ci 8.45
Peter Sauer Holden Monaro 383ci 10.99
Trajan Naumovski Holden Commodore 5.7-litre 10.9
David Challen HT Premier 327ci 9.6
Dusty Benson VC Commodore 366ci 8.48
Rob Armstrong Holden Torana 5600cc 10.6
Jamie Swift VH Commodore 6000cc 8.51
Graeme Horner VH Commodore 429ci 8
Luke Cullen Chev Camaro 383i 10.82
Jason Davidson Chev Camaro 350ci 10.7
Daniel Ward Valiant VG sedan 5300cc 9.4
Cory Read Ford XF Falcon 6200cc 8.87
David Tierney HZ Premier 6276cc 10.5
Scott Hoffman Toyota Supra 4000cc 9.43
Shane Baker VH Commodore 5761cc 8.47
Chris Kaarsberg Holden Torana 388ci 7.92
Nelson Granger Holden HJ 580ci 8.8
Lazo Rostsnkov Torana hatchback 6-litre 11
Adam Rogash VK Commodore 440ci 7.75
Paul Merry HG Premier 376ci 8
Ben Vlekken VH Commodore wagon 400ci 7.56
Clayton Wall HQ One-Tonner 5700cc 10
James Gardner Holden HQ 5700cc 10.9
Jay Jorgensen Holden HK Kingswood 376ci 6.4
Mark Van der Togt Ford XW 6600cc 7.84
Patrick Lawler Valiant AP6 5.7L 9.93

 Ford Falcon


Name Car Capacity (CI) Quickest (ET)
Tara Johnston Toyota Supra 3000cc 10.1
Michael Brown Ford Falcon XD ute 4000cc 9.93
Mark Reynolds Toyota Supra 3000cc 11.95
Darrin Miller Nissan Skyline 3000cc 11
Adam Curran Ford Cortina 4000cc 11.3
Kristian Goleby Toyota Supra 3000cc 10.99
Naomi Van der Togt Nissan Silvia S15 3000cc 8.6
Stuart Young Nissan Silvia 3000cc 10.6
Ben Neal Toyota Cresta 3980cc 8.1
William Yarwood Toyota Supra 3000cc 9.5
David Nunn Holden WB utility 3000cc 11
James Cornford Nissan Skyline 2498cc 10.81
Paul Mulcahy Austin Lancer 3800cc 11
Ben Paganoni Ford Mustang Fox 4.0-litre 8.2