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Blown, injected HQ Holden at Drag Challenge Weekend 2020 – Video

By Jack Houlihan, 22 Dec 2020 Drag Challenge

This clean Quey boogies down the strip with iron lion power

Blown, injected HQ Holden at Drag Challenge Weekend 2020 – Video

TOOWOOMBA’S James Gardner snagged this HQ at a price he couldn’t refuse. Paying just $5000 for the car in 2019, the 25-year-old first gave the six-cylinder sedan a birthday in the form of a respray in factory white and a neat Eaton M90 supercharger set up. 

"I think it went 9.10-seconds over the eighth-mile at the 2019 Six Banger Nats," says James. "That was the first time I ever raced the HQ. The bottom end was just a stock 202 blue motor with a cam and nine-port head. I think the blower set up cost $250 for a bit of fun."


The car remained relatively unchanged until Christmas of the same year, when James kicked off a bare-metal, no-holds-barred rebuild.

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Out came the venerable 202 that had powered the car for decades, in favour of a stonking Holden V8. A cast-iron 308 block was gifted a Scat stroker crank, bringing capacity out to 355 cubes. I-beam rods hook up to Hi-Tech pistons, topped by early Holden 308 heads – “nothing too flash,” according to Jamie. As a longtime fan of the classic Aussie bent-eight, a small-block Chev or an LS were out of the question for Jamie. “Everybody’s surprised to see an old iron lion in there!” he laughed.

The donk breathes through a Blower Shop 6/71 supercharger, with a Joe Blo EFI kit providing E85 juice. Managed by a Haltech ECU, the injection gear is tucked out of sight for old-school points.

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The rest of the driveline consists of a manualised Turbo 400 and sheet-metal nine-inch diff. A Gazzard Brothers set-up occupies the rear, helping to keep the drag radials planted.

Jamie, owner-operator of J-Tune Automotive in Toowoomba, admitted the car’s testing in the lead-up to Drag Challenge Weekend 2020 was limited. “We did about 20km of road-testing before this,” he said. “One week out we put an Aussie Desert Cooler radiator in it, because we found out she gets hot on the highway!”

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To keep the car happy and healthy throughout the weekend, Jamie detuned the car to a still-formidable 425rwhp.

He and his crew spent DCW racing in the Haltech Radial Blown class, gunning for a 10-second ET. This proved to be slightly out of reach for the virtually untested HQ, recording a best time of 11.29@120mph across the Willowbank quarter-mile on Day One.



Class: Haltech Radial Blown



Engine: 355ci Holden V8

Supercharger: Blower Shop 6/71

Transmission: Manualised TH400

Converter: TCE 4500rpm

Diff: 9in, 3.9:1 gears

Power: 425rwhp (detuned)

 Previous PB: N/A

Best DCW 2020 Pass: 11.29@120mph