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By Aiden Taylor, 20 Sep 2017 Summernats

farmtruck and azn street outlaws australia wide

Farmtruck and Azn are building a Chevy C10 pickup burnout car for Summernats 31!

FARMTRUCK and Azn from the hit TV show Street Outlaws are once again coming Down Under for Street Machine Summernats! The boys had a blast at the ‘Nats earlier this year where they got up close and personal with their Aussie fans, went out in some full tilt burnout cars, and even drove Arby’s POR440 Valiant. Obviously they caught the bug and decided to come back for Summernats 31, January 4-7 2018.

This time they don’t want to just spectate and sign autographs, though. That’s right, Farmtruck and Azn want in on the action so they’re going to have a car of their own to cruise and skid – they’re building a burnout car! In true Farmtruck and Azn style it’ll be a Chevy C10 pickup, similar to the one they race on Street Outlaws.


A dead stock 1970 C10 is being shipped over to Canberra where it will be transformed into a burnout weapon by the guys and girls at Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT), thanks to a new partnership between Summernats and CIT. We can’t talk specs just yet but it’s being built to burn rubber Aussie style on the hallowed Summernats burnout pad – guess what you like from that.

“We genuinely fell in love with the cars, the culture, the people and the simple fact is this time we want to do a burnout Aussie style!” said Farmtruck.

The Street Outlaws film crew will also be in Australia to film the Farmtruck skid rig get built in Canberra and then flogged around the burnout pad as part of the show, which will be broadcast to millions around the world on the Discovery Network. They’re taking Aussie car culture and the Burnout Masters to the masses.

Likewise, the guys from 1320Video – if you haven’t heard of them, look it up – are also coming back for Summernats 31. Rumour has it, Kyle and Cleetus are also building a burnout car to compete in the skids and if their current project cars (Leeroy The Savage, anyone?) are anything to go by, it’ll be pretty wild!

Street Machine Summernats 31 is on 4-7 January 2018. Get your tickets at www.summernats.com.au  – you don’t want to miss this!