Presenting the honour roll of Street Machine Summernats Grand Champions!

XR Falcon Summernats Grand Champion

THE Street Machine Summernats Grand Champion award is the premier award at Australia’s biggest and most prestigious event for modified cars. Prior to Summernats six, the award was known as Top Street Machine Overall, before it was revamped as the sexier-sounding Grand Champion. Regardless, the concept has remained the same – finding that car that is not only technically proficient, but also popular and a driver.

To win, you need to accumulate the most points from the judging, the People’s Choice and driving events. No mean feat and that simple idea that at street machine should be able do more than just look good under lights has thrown up plenty of wild card over the last 30 years. So here they are, the top cars from the past 32 Street Machine Summernats. We’ll find out who is added to that list at Summernats 33, 2-5 January in Canberra. 

                      People’s Choice       Grand Champ              Top Judged

1988     1          Greg Carlson          Rob Beauchamp            Rex Webster

1989     2          Howard Astill          Rob Beauchamp            Scott McLachlan

1990     3          Ron Barclay            Rob Beauchamp            Ron Barclay

1991     4          Leo Janssen            Howard Astill                 Howard Astill

1992     5          Bill Neskovski          Howard Astill                 Ron Barclay

1993     6          Con & Vic Elfes       Peter Fitzpatrick             Peter Collier

1994     7          Craig Christensen   Brain Willis                     Frank Rejtano

1995     8          Brian Willis              Dennis Laing                 Frank Rejtano

1996     9          Peter Fitzpatrick      Peter Fitzpatrick            John Riskas

1997     10        Ron Zelukovic         Howard Astill                 Ed Brodie

1998     11        Ed Brodie                Peter Fitzpatrick            Mark Jones

1999     12        Troy Hillier               Peter Fitzpatrick            John Portelli

2000     13        Mark Jones             Shane Burcher               Howard Astill

2001     14        Peter Fitzpatrick      Anthony Fabris             Darryl McBeth

2002     15        Drago Ostric           Peter Fitzpatrick            Mark Jones

2003     16        Ben Gatt                 Mark Course                  Rod Hadfield

2004     17        Anthony Sant         Drago Ostric                  Anthony Sant

2005     18        Gary Myers             Gary Myers/Dave Ritchie      Gary Myers

2006     19        Aaron Fitzpatrick     Aaron Fitzpatrick           Bruno Gianoncelli

2007     20        Joe Agnello              Zoltan Bodo                  Bruno Gianoncelli

2008     21        Joe Lore                   Rob Godfrey                  Ditch Jones

2009     22        Joe Lore                   Darrell Leemhuis            Darrell Leemhuis

2010     23        Graeme Cowin         Joe Lore                         Graeme Cowin

2011     24        Peter Fitzpatrick       Peter Fitzpatrick             Peter Fitzpatrick       

2012     25        Ben Sargent             Ben Sargent                   Leisa Chinnock

2013     26        Mick Fabar                Mick Fabar                     Mick Fabar

2014     27        Terry Mourched         Henry Parry                   Leisa Chinnock

2015     28        Nathan Borg              Nathan Borg                 John Saad

2016     29        Grant Connor             John Saad                    John Saad

2017     30        Simon Mokdassi         Mark Williams                Peter Hinz

2018     31        Dave Xuereb              Grant Connor                Grahame/Colin Barker

2019     32        Dave Wilson               Rick Werner                  Robert Zahabi


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