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Summernats 33 - Burnout Championship eliminations

By Ashleigh Wilson | Photos: Tim McCormack, 05 Jan 2020 Summernats

Saturday on the burnout pad was full of thrills and spills!

Summernats 33 - Burnout Championship eliminations

DAY three of Street Machine Summernats 33 began with a skid from the Bullet Burnout Truck. The iconic big rig put on a real show, kissing the wall with the bed while cutting hoops across the track.

Burnout Bullet Truck

The action continued when TOAST returned with new engine after a mammoth effort to get the car mobile. While flames weren’t an issue for Cleetus McFarland, he once again threw the Camaro into the wall.

 Ford Courier SKIDHAW

It was a short, but spectacular run for Mitchell Hawes in SKIDHAW, who lost a wheel as he powered down the entry shoot. The Ford Courier ute left the pad on a tow-truck.

 Blown 2J Toyota 68

It was the first skid for Joshua Armstong in BLOWN2J. The internet-melting Toyota 86 had one hell of a test run on the Summernats track and received a positive affirmation from the crowd.

Finalists will take to the pad today at 11am, for their last chance to impress the judges.



David Cufone - 1FATRAT 
Jack Hobbs - IJUS8U 
Billy Seton - SILLY 
Todd Stewart - UNFAZD 
Britt Kilby - HAMMERTIME 
Josh Crimmins - LETMH8 
Rick Davis - 4PLAY 
Adrian Cuthbertson - SKIDMA 
Wayne Daw - SLYLUX 
Nathan Sutherland - KILLASET 
Jono Kelly - 3FIVE5 
Domenic Luci - LITMUP 
Andrew Coen - TOYLS1 
Matt Kittel - LAYSEM 
Brad Scroop - FROFFIN 
Brett Hardy - PHATDAT 
Lachlan Carnegie - VANDAL 
Beau Hinkley - PRBLM CHILD 
Kenton Sampson - HO7898 
Matthew Robinson - FNRELAX 
Nelson Granger - MCFRY 
Daniel Vella - FRYLC 
Grahame Rowe - GAMBLE 
Matthew Watts - BLO202 
Kate Summers - SUMMERS 
Karl Haining - FAT LX 
Bradley Phillips - STRESSN 
Kev Davis - EPA WHO 
Robert Whelan-knight - FALCONOATH 
Matthew Fleming - LSPAC 
Phil Kerjean - TUFF ST 
Casey Tolcher - HI RI2K 
Rick Fuller - LSONE 
Leteisha Chun Tie - PARTY TIME 
Tom Beltrame - INFERNO 
Jay Chun Tie - TINY TOWING 
Kane Cook - DEATHWISH 
Steven Cliff - WRANGA 
Stephen Marsh - IH8FDS


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