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Journey to the centre of Australia: video

By Video: Toby Hagon, 12 Nov 2018 Explore

Tracking down Australia’s most central location.

Journey to the centre of Australia video feature

AT FIRST glance you’d think a trip to the centre of Australia would be as easy as plugging the co-ordinates into a GPS unit, but no, it ain’t that simple.

Why? Well, no one can really agree where the centre of Australia actually lies. In fact, there are five listed centre points: Centre of Gravity Method, Lambert Centre, the Farthest Point from the Coastline, the Median Point, and the Johnston Geodetic Station.

So we wrangled together a convoy of vehicles, led by a Mercedes-Benz X-Class, to venture to all five hard-to-access points, all of which are located within the Northern Territory.

Some of the points are extremely elusive and hard to find, and some are on private land; so you’ll need permits to access them. Somewhat surprisingly, some of the centre points are even spread out in excess of 400km from each other.

4x4 Explore: In search of the Centre of Australia

Watch the above video and enjoy the journey.