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4x4 trip to Wave Hill Station, NSW

By Lucy Eaton, 11 Apr 2018 NSW

4x4 trip to Wave Hill Station NSW explore feature

A secluded farm-stay getaway located along the bountiful Clarence River.

WAVE Hill Station is a 50km² working cattle property positioned along the Clarence River within the foothills adjacent to the great Gondwana Rainforests, just out of Grafton in NSW.

The area is known for its excellent bass-fishing opportunities – more so at the waterfalls – as well as providing pristine views of the Clarence Valley.

Upon arrival at the property you’ll be greeted at the gate by the owner, Steve. If he isn’t home there are separate mailboxes labelled for every campsite and accommodation option, so you can grab all the info you need – especially the map of the property – from the correct box.

Once inside the property the terrain changes significantly, but the tracks are maintained and it’s easy to navigate. The campsites are approximately 9km from the homestead, and accessing all of them can take up to an hour because they are spread out.

On this trip we stayed at the Top Gorge Back Channel site, an open, grassy campsite with a huge, shady tree overlooking the back channel, located just downriver from the junction of the Mann and Clarence Rivers. It’s an incredible spot to pitch a tent for a week, and it’s within walking distance to the Safari Tents just over the hill.

Firewood is aplenty here, and some of the best views of the valley are on offer from where the fire-pit is situated. However, the campsite doesn’t have easy access to the water, and to go for a dip you need to climb down a slippery slope of rocks.

Kayaks can be launched a few hundred metres from camp, where the landscape is flatter; although, the current is very strong because you’re at the top of the waterfall, and Wave Hill Station strongly recommends wearing personal buoyancy devices and helmets at all times.

There is a walking track not far from the Back Channel campsite, which crosses just in front of the Safari Tents. The track is a thin, overgrown goat track with some handrails and stairs along the way.

It’s very steep in places, but when you reach the bottom you’re greeted by the pumping sound of water gushing over the rocks. This is a great place to cast a line, and the best spots for bass are in the backwash where the fish hide from the strong current, awaiting lunch.

The terrain can be quite difficult as you follow the edge of the river, so ensure adequate footwear is worn. Your best chance to catch a good one will be when you spot the waterfall, but fishing from the rocks here can be dangerous. Wave Hill Station offers catch-and-release fishing, so please abide by this request.

Tight Lines: Kayak fishing

If camping isn’t your thing or you don’t have an adequate rig to explore the rest of the property, there are cottages located near the homestead, and while you’re there you can play tennis or arrange to see the property on horseback with a guided tour. There’s something for everyone here.

There is so much to do at this place that a couple of days isn’t long enough – if you’re planning to visit this spectacular piece of property, ensure you come for at least a week. It’s definitely worth it and, if nothing else, it’ll force you to put your phone down to take it all in.

Look this place up, book it and go; you won’t be disappointed.

Travel Planner

543 Carnham Road, Fineflower (via Grafton), NSW, 2460

There are three 4WD-access-only camping areas on the property, requiring high-clearance vehicles. During wet weather the tracks are closed for safety reasons.

Long-drop toilets are available at the campsites.

Dogs allowed; fires allowed; no mobile reception; bring your own fuel and water.

Email: info@wavehillfarmstay.com.au
Phone/Fax: (02) 6647 2145
Mobile: 0428 472 145
Website: wavehillfarmstay.com.au

Strictly no motorbikes or guns are allowed on the property. Bookings are essential, and 50 per cent of the fee must be paid to secure the booking.

If camping isn’t your thing there are four accommodation styles available, where you can stay in one of the cottages, lodges or Safari Tents.