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Here you can find answers to our most frequently asked questions

What is the WhichCar Network?
WhichCar is the ultimate automotive site that has everything new car buyers need and car lovers want. It is powered by Australia’s premier motoring titles and provides reviews, advice and entertainment from respected brands such as Wheels, MOTOR, 4X4 and Street Machine. We cater for everyone, from mainstream shoppers to performance enthusiasts, and publish more than 600 stories a month written by experts with decades of experience.

Do you have used cars/classifieds on site?
No, WhichCar showcases only new cars available in Australia.

Can I buy cars on WhichCar?
WhichCar facilitates the sale of cars through manufacturer dealer networks. Use our “Request a Call”, “Book Test Drive” or “Find a Dealer’' tools via our car specifications or review pages to get in contact with dealers.

How do I compare cars? / How many cars can I compare?
To compare cars simply select “Compare this Car” on the search results or specs pages for your desired vehicles, then hover over "Compare Cars” in the tool bar at the top of the page and select "Compare These Cars" from the drop down list. Select "Highlight Differences" to clearly see the differences of each vehicle. You can compare five cars at a time.

Why do I need to login to save a car?
In order for WhichCar to remember your saved cars, searches and comparisons a social login is required.

I can’t find a particular car I’m looking for?
WhichCar showcases all new cars available in Australia. If a car is not yet sold in Australia it will not be shown on our website. If you think we are missing a car please email us.

How do I leave a review on a car I have driven/owned?
To leave a review, search and select your desired car, scroll down to the features/colours/specifications tabs and select "Owner Reviews." Simply follow the prompts to leave your review.

I need help with cars terms, do you have a glossary?
We sure do. We know cars can get a bit 'wordy' so we've put together a glossary of handy terms. Check it out here.

Why don’t you use the ANCAP safety rating?
ANCAP has rated fewer than two-thirds of the new cars available to Australians. We want to offer a rating for every new car. WhichCar assigns every new car a safety rating out of six shields, along with an explanatory label ranging from Basic to Standout. Want more info? 
Click here.

Why can’t I book a test drive for tomorrow?
To ensure your request is received and responded to, a test drive has to be booked at least two (2) days prior.

I emailed/called a dealer and haven’t heard back, what should I do?
If you have their details, please contact them again. If this fails, please contact WhichCar and we can follow up your request. Please email us here.

How do you calculate the fuel cost of a car?
Fuel cost is calculated using a driving average of 250kms per week, a fuel cost of $1.50 per litre for petrol ($1.30 per litre for diesel) and the fuel economy of the car.

How can I see the environmental impacts of a car?
After you have searched for and selected your desired car, to the right of the car images, under the price headline, the CO2 emission scale will show you how environmentally friendly the vehicle is.

How can I view the different engines a car may have?
When viewing a car specification, just click on the 'change' link next to the engine description.

How do I subscribe my car dealership to WhichCar?
To have your dealership shown in dealer searches please contact us here.

If you have another question please email us at contact@whichcar.com.au