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By Simon Telford, 09 Aug 2015 Features


This Ford Country Squire spotted at Melbourne's Greazefest can legally seat ten!

ANOTHER of our favourite cars at Melbourne's Greazefest was also a wagon - Dave Menzies's '67 Ford Country Squire. Able to seat 10 legally, it is a hell of a lot cooler than any modern people mover. It is a natural family truckster, but it would also make a great Street Machine staff car. The key feature is the appropriately-named Magic Doorgate, which can flip down like a regular tailgate or open to the side.

WEB Country Squire 3Jpg"It is a nice, low-mile car, with a 390 FE motor and some good options like air conditioning and power steering," says Dave.  "We've re-done the fake wood, it took about seven hours. It fits all the kids and our mates, its a fun car."

WEB Country Squire 1Jpg"The rear row of seats folds down to give you a flat floor. We've been pulled over a few times," says Dave. "When the cops see four kids in the back, they assume they're not going to have seatbelts on [laughs]."

WEB Country Squire 4JpgDave's other ride is this killer '28 Ford roadster, which he says was assembled over a number of years from some very sad panels. The engine? Nothing less than a 354ci Hemi. What a pair!