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302-cube Windsor-powered 1932 Ford pick-up

By Carly Dale | Photos: Luke Hunter, 13 Jan 2020 Features

302-cube Windsor-powered 1932 Ford pick-up

Pauline Dickins’ tale is as much a testament to the love between her and her hubby of over 50 years, Peter, as it is about her sweet ’32 Ford pick-up

Bubbly Pauline Dickins is full of funny anecdotes – often accompanied by a good belly laugh – about Pete and of how her 302ci Windsor/C10/BorgWarner ’32 came to be.

This article was first published in the November 2019 issue of Street Machine

1932 Ford pick-up

What got you into the car scene, Pauline?

I’ve been into cars since I married Pete. He built a sweet little street rod when we were courting and I just fell in love with hot rods; it was something that we did together. But, as it goes, we did the grown-up thing and sold the rod to put the foundations down on our house. That was the end of hot rods for a while.

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1932 Ford pick-up front

So, how did the ’32 come about?

I found a yellow pick-up in a hot rod magazine and said to Pete that I’d really love one of those. He hesitated for about five seconds before saying: “I can build that for you Paul, but there’s one condition: you choose the colour and the interior.” Pete has a little red ’28 A-model roadster, which only fits about a toothbrush in the boot, so I remarked that the pick-up will be great as I can buy stuff and put it in the back. Pete thought that was a classic comment.

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1932 Ford pick-up rear

What other input did you have on the rod build?

I didn’t want a choke, but I did want everything that my 2010 Holden Calais has: central locking, automatic, air conditioning and power windows. All I wanted was to get in, turn the key and take off; none of this jerking around with high revs and not getting anywhere. Pete was so kind; he just did everything and spent hours in the shed. Our son Greg helped out too.

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1932 Ford pick-up

Was it difficult to find everything for the build?

Not really. Rod Bods built us a 100mm-longer fibreglass body and Pete bought the pick-up bed from America, then added his own stake pockets and riveted it together. The chassis is a modified 1980 Toyota HiLux, which allowed for full NSW rego at the time.

1932 Ford pick-up

Tell us about the bright green duco.

It’s Holden Atomic green with a gold fleck through it, because I wanted an in-your-face green; I didn’t want it insipid. The pick-up is such a beautiful car that I wanted it to stand out.

1932 Ford pick-up interior

Any trophies?

I recently won the Best Pick-Up and Overall Winner at a little car show in Cobram – I was on top of the world. So many people have made nice comments about the car; I’m very proud to be a hot rodder’s wife!

1932 Ford pick-up

I reckon you’re a hot rodder too!

Yes, it kind of grows on you. I’m 71 years old and a hot rodder – that’s funny. Pete has done a beautiful job and I love him to bits – he’s a good man. Also, we have three great kids who are all into cars too. We’re one happy family!

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