Christine Yuntar's 2016 ProCharged V8 Ford Mustang

Christine Yuntar's 650rwhp show pony - GRYHLK

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CHRISTINE Yuntar’s passion for her beloved 2016 Mustang is so strong that she’s created a late-model pony parts business, Build A Pony, in order to share the love with others. And her menacing, ground-scraping, body-enhanced, ProCharged V8 Mustang, GRYHLK, is the brawny poster child.

This article was first published in the July 2019 issue of Street Machine

Ford Mustang

Why a Mustang?

I wanted to buy my own car and I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what I wanted, until I watched Need For Speed. At the very end of the movie the lead actress drives up in a red 2015 Mustang and I thought: “That’s it, that’s the car!” I’ve been a tomboy and into cars my whole life – my family had XYs and XWs and my partner Koray also had a couple of old-school muscle cars. My dad would say to me: “It’s not normal Christine for you to like these cars; it’s a guy thing.”

Ford Mustang rear

Was the ’Stang stock when you bought it?

It was a new 2016 Magnetic Grey 5.0-litre Mustang with tinted windows. Initially I was going to keep her as a daily and not do any mods – ha ha! Then it became a little project that turned into a big dream project, and now she’s a show car called GRYHLK.

Ford Mustang side

Tell us about the mods.

We’ve added a Stage Two ProCharger D-1X, so now it has 650rwhp, which is some nice power. And people certainly hear it – it sounds amazing with the crazy blow-off valve, and the big black intercooler looks great. Inside is a custom full leather and Alcantara interior, a carbonfibre dash and custom steering wheel. Externally I’ve added an aftermarket bodykit and a Cervini S550 Stalker bonnet. You might notice the GT350R Brembo brakes, which are optional, and I’ve had them custom-painted in Lamborghini Orange. The rims are 20-inch Koya SF04s, which fit nicely as the Mustang’s wheelarches and tubs are quite generous. And it sits nice and low thanks to the Air Lift Performance airbag system; that was also an easy installation. Though with the amount of money that I’ve spent on it, I could’ve bought a Shelby!

Ford Mustang engine bay

So why is she called GRYHLK?

I wanted to give the car her own identity with a tough, aggressive feel. And I’ve also created an Instagram page @GRYHLK16, so people now refer to me as GRYHLK – they don’t know my name! And that was the whole idea, to remember the Mustang, not me. I guess that might change now.

Ford Mustang interior

What is PONY6G?

We’re a passionate bunch of enthusiasts who mostly own newer Mustangs. It’s Australia-wide but our group of friends are Melbourne-based. We cruise a few times a month, and bat off each other with mods that we might want to do next. I enjoy cruising GRYHLK along the long windy roads, though she is a bit thirstier since the supercharger.

Ford Mustang seats

How did GRYHLK go at MotorEx?

We just worked around the clock to get her finished for the PONY6G display at MotorEx 2019. She’s got a custom Rockford sound system in the boot now, with two subs, amps and a full upgrade of the interior speakers. It is off its face when you want to listen to some music!

Ford Mustang


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