Christmas is a time of gift-giving. Whether is it gifts for your loved ones or for yourself, it is a great time to go large, and we have cool car-related things that are right up that alley. 

From scale models, to stylish driving gear and living room accessories, here are some of the coolest gift suggestions for the petrol head in your heart.

1 - FEATURED "PRODUCT OF THE MONTH": Ferrari F1-89 (640) scale model ($12,430 from
This is Nigel Mansell’s Ferrari as raced at the 1989 British Grand Prix, albeit shrunken down to 1:8 scale. Finished in incredible detail and on a carbonfibre base, it’s limited to just 199 units.

Ferrari F 1 89 28640 29 Scale Model Jpg

2 - Porsche Milestones book ($110 from
Porsche has achieved so much in its time, you need a coffee-table book like this just to recap the highlights. It features stunning imagery on its 25.4 by 32.5mm-sized pages.

Porsche Milestones Book Jpg

3 - Ricciardo kids cap ($64 from
If you have a kid that loves the smiling assassin that is Daniel Ricciardo, then give them the gift that is this Renault F1 Team cap, complete with a metal adjuster buckle.

Ricciardo Kids Cap Jpg

4 - Camaro mug ($20 from
Bow ties are a no-no for Commodores, but how about your coffee cup? Well, HSV’s new Chevrolet Camaro mug will let you off since it bears the Camaro logo on the opposite side.

Camaro Mug Jpg

5 - Subaru WRX STI turbo ($2299 + freight from
Up your Subaru WRX STI’s potential with this Cobb-optimised TD05 single scroll turbocharger. Comes equipped with sleeve bearings and supports 300kW.

Subaru WRX STI Turbo Jpg

6 - Intereuropa watch ($1839 from
Following the theme of the classic Monza race it’s named after, the Intereuropa from car nuts Autodromo is finished with a 39mm polished case and Swiss-designed movement.

Intereuropa Watch Jpg

7 - Leather driving goggles ($292 from
For when you need to keep the local wildlife out of your eyes in a roadster, turn to these Connolly leather driving goggles from England. Features an adjustable webbing strap. 

Leather Driving Goggles Jpg