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Seven-second 1700rwhp turbo RB30-powered Holden VL Commodore streeter

By Mark Arblaster | Photos: Dave Reid, 14 Apr 2020 Features

The boys from JW Automotive in Ormiston, Queensland, have been turning out some killer cars for some years now, particularly those rocking RB power

Seven-second 1700rwhp RB30-powered Holden VL Commodore streeter

THEIR latest creation, an RB30-powered VL owned by George Josevski, recently ran 7.44@193.88mph on a 255 radial at Willowbank.

This article was first published in the March 2020 issue of Street Machine

Holden VL Commodore

The 3.2-litre engine has the best of the best when it comes to RB power, with a custom billet block and crank, GRP rods and an original head ported in-house – not to mention a massive Garrett GTX50 turbo pumping 65psi of boost into the little six-banger. On the dyno, all of that equates to 1700hp at the wheels, with more to come.

“The car has been with us for some time,” said JW’s Justin Wilkinson. “Over the past few years it’s worked through the 10s, into the nines and then the eights, eventually running a high seven with the old motor and a few of the newer bolt-ons for this engine.

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JW Automotive

“We had our goals planned early; we wanted to have the fastest RB30-powered streeter, and that record of 193mph was owned by the Queen Street Customs boys. Anthony Maatouk has run a 7.34 with a single-cam combination, and we just ran a 193.88 on a 7.44 ET.

“By our usual standards, the car was quite slow in short-track times; we usually run in the high teens in the 60-foot, but with soaring track temperatures we had to settle for a 1.3. The car has run a 4.99@145mph to the eighth, but on this pass it went 154mph, so by the time we get this all strung together we should be able to get it into the 7.20s.”

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Holden VL Commodore

The 3150lb rocket ship is running a Powerglide trans and a MoTeC M130 ECU, all built, tuned and wired in-house. It also has Atomizer racing injectors, and Kyle from 6boost was responsible for the hot side.

“We are looking forward to racing at the Kenda round in Sydney on a 235 radial and dipping into the 7.20s,” Justin said.

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JW Automotive

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