We asked how to annoy a car guy in four words on our Facebook, here are some of the best responses we had

I almost had you

OVER on our Street Machine Facebook page we put out a post asking for four words to annoy a car guy and we got literally thousands of responses! Naturally, a lot of them were along the lines of ‘Ford/Holden sucks’ – very creative – or ‘Chev badge on  a Commodore’. We had a laugh around the office and decided to compile a list of our favourite insults that you guys came up with, check ‘em out.

STREET MACHINE - I almost had you – Aiden Taylor

Glenn Nicholson - Chev badge on Commodore

Cristian Coman – It’s just a car

Michael Stephens - Summernats has been cancelled

Patrick Kragen - Love your El Camino! -All the car guys here in the US when they see my Kingswood tonner

Andy Smith - Self driving cars....there done it in three

Tommy Wil - one word will do: cyclists

Rik Halme - Isn't that a Sunbird

Kelly Lee - I'm a Ford enthusiast

Cal Elvin - Just leave it stock

STREET MACHINE - They wrecked a classic – Simon Templar

Dean Bonthorne - LS conversions are stupid

Daniel Berryman - "I drive a Prius" "You're destroying the planet" "That's a nice Lamborghini" when looking at a NSX

Shane Styles - That washer is wrong, that bolt heads different, that clamps upside-down

Tony Scholte - The Environmental Protection Agency

John Mcnamee - It won’t pass rego

Aimée Steel - Is that gutter rash? That's all it's got?

Brock Michael - But It’s a Ford

STREET MACHINE - Should've left it stock – Simon Templar

Daniel Haack - Vtec better than turbo

Aiden Clifford - Mustangs don't kill pedestrians

Jared Mulinder - Is it finished yet?

Matt Jenkins - Don't mod the daily

Brad Smith - It's a wiring problem

Steve N Stephanie Bullock - My car's at home.

Michael Bonning - I got defected...again

Trent Brooks - America does better burnouts

Ray Lee - A Current A Fair


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