ONE of the stars of the new issue of Street Machine is Damien Veness’s stunning 1955 Desoto Fireflite.

The car features stunning panel and paint, a gorgeous interior and a tough stance – topped off by a strong 392 Hemi. The Desoto is the fourth time one of Damien’s creations has featured in the mag.

He started with a ’49 Dodge Coronet Coupe (SM, Nov 2003), followed by a ’71 Dodge pick up (SM, Sept 2006). In the October 2009 issue we featured his son Tom’s ’66 VC Val, which the pair had converted to two-door status and fitted with a P-plate friendly 3.9-litre Dodge V6.

Damien won’t let on what he’s building next, but you can bet it won’t be a Holden or Ford!