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Poll: Australia’s Greatest Ute – Part 1

By Cameron Kirby, 10 Jun 2017 Features

Australia greatest ute wide

Australia built the first ever ute, but which is best? Cast your vote in our poll

WHEN a Victorian farmer's wife asked Ford for “a vehicle to go to church in on a Sunday and which can carry our pigs to market on Mondays,” nobody could have known how important it would be.

Ford responded with the now legendary Coupe Utility in 1934, and its invention defined the ute concept as we know it. The story has become Aussie folklore. A tale so well worn it is ingrained in our culture, just as the ute has become synonymous with Australian motoring.

As a country, we embraced the unique style and practicality of a two-door coupe with a tray on the back with open arms. Picture a quintessentially Aussie car, and it’s likely a ute will spring to mind.

As such, it’s time to determine which of our utes stands above the rest as the greatest. So we are calling on you to help us come to a decisive decision.

The following polls aren’t a complete list of every ute Australia has produced, and nor is every variant represented. Instead, the Wheels team, with the help of our buddies at Street Machine, has formulated two shortlists of 11 cars.

Separated into pre- and post-1990 utes, we have tried to represent the mode significant models produced on Aussie soil.

The four most popular cars from each poll will then be put together, with you the readers deciding who will be given the crown of Australia’s Greatest Ute from the final eight.

To help with the voting process we have included a brief reason for why each ute was included.

Once you have voted for your pre-1990 ute, make sure to head over to our post-1990 poll and cast your vote there as well!