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Readers' COVID-19 isolation builds - part four

28 Jul 2020 Features

Readers' COVID-19 isolation builds - part four

More project builds that our readers have been working on during Coronavirus lockdown

1967 HR Holden
Steve Crane

“THIS is our HR Holden. My dad and I built it at home, and it’s been engineered and regoed for a few years now.

HR Holden

It runs an RB25 turbo that makes 410hp through an RB gearbox and HiLux diff. It has been completely rewired and runs a MicroTech ECU. I made the tunnel to accept a four-inch tailshaft and handbrake, along with a sheet-metal dash and custom trim.

HR Holden engine bay

Currently the car has been pulled off the road to have a new motor and bigger ’box fitted. The motor has made over 700hp on E85, but it will be on pump fuel now, so I’m hoping for 600hp.”

Toyota Corona Mark II
Callum Thompson

Toyota Corona

“HERE is the MkII Corona my dad and I are building. It’s a long way off finished, but so far we have added a 1JZ-GTE, R154 five-speed, shortened HiLux diff with an MA70 disc conversion, HiLux four-pot front calipers with Peugeot rotors, Precision 5858 turbocharger, Turbosmart 45mm wastegate and a Link ECU.

Toyota Corona engine bay

It will have restored interior, an original-paintcode respray, new suspension and bushes, and will roll on 15x8 and 15x7 SSR Longchamp XR4 wheels. We’re going with an old-school JDM look and have all the NOS badges for the car, and we’re planning to have it engineered in South Australia.”

Ford XW Falcon
Peter Richardson

“I BOUGHT my XW in bits four years ago and put it together myself. At that stage it had a 302 Windsor with a cam and a Top Loader ’box.

Ford XW Falcon

I am a chief engineer in the navy, so I was deployed at the end of 2016 and didn’t return until January 2018, so obviously I couldn’t work on the Falcon in all that time. But in the middle of last year I decided I wanted more from the car, so it’s now been repainted in maroon and mini-tubbed, and I’ve installed Gazzard Brothers split-leaf springs.

Ford XW Falcon engine bay

A 351 alloy-headed Clevo now lives up front; it’s been three-quarter grout-filled and runs a big solid cam. It’s backed by a manualised C10 with a 3800rpm converter, running to a built 35-spline diff with a Strange Truetrac centre. The car sits on 275/60 Mickeys, and should
be running and tuned by the time you read this.”

1954 DeSoto
Ash Blit

“HERE is my current long-term build: a 1954 DeSoto.

Desoto build

It runs a 318 small-block stroked to 390ci with a steel crank, Eagle H-beam rods and Diamond forged pistons, topped with Edelbrock alloy 340 heads and an Air-Gap manifold.

Desoto build

The driveline is rounded out by a T56 six-speed with a centre-shift conversion, and a Ford nine-inch with Truetrac and 3.89:1 gears. I’ve also added disc brakes to all four corners. I still have a way to go on it, but hope you like it.”

Desoto build

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