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The Street Machine Files - Injection is nice!

By Street Machine staff, 10 Jul 2013 Features

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THESE V8-powered early model Holdens are not short-term projects. Take for example, Victor Reilly’s candy apple red FC.

THESE V8-powered early model Holdens are not short-term projects. Take for example, Victor Reilly’s candy apple red FC. Victor purchased the car seven years ago when at the ripe old age of sixteen. It is usually an age when most of us discover how to be a winner with the girls, a mug lair or a maniacal driver. Not young Vic, no sir. He spent two years rebuilding his FC.

Two years of not going out, always saying to his mates ‘Nah, can’t go to the footy today, got to work on the early model.’ For the first rebuild, Victor chose a six and hung a lot of XU-1 gear off it and installed a set of chromies at each corner. The old girl was looking good.

That lasted all of six months, then Victor purchased a V8 with the intention of stuffing it into the confines of the FC. He spent another two years revamping the car. In went the small-block loaded with power and out went Victor in his pride and joy. This was also short lived, as he managed to blow the small block.

A lot older and wiser, Victor solicited the help of his brother Mike, to build a new 350 Chev. Following the purchase of the mouse motor, a supercharger was contemplated, but Victor felt them to be too common and went for injection. The 350 is a two bolter with a steel crank pumping LT-1 rods and 11.5:1 TRW pistons. The cam is an Isky and the heads are a set of fuellies.

Backing the small block is a B&M Turbo-Hydro 400 transmission, a 3000rpm stall converter and Star Shifter. The third member is a narrowed Ford nine inch, with 4:11s. Up the front of the car, a HR crossmember replaces the original item and has been fitted out with HZ discs and LH Torana rack and pinion steering. Rims are Cragar S/S mags, with BFG T/A rubber.

When it came time for final paint, it was right up Victor’s alley. As the proprietor of Bucket Panels, Victor had to look no further than his own shop for the application of the Phoenix candy apple red lacquer. The car looks sharp, there is no doubting that. The paint, the pro-stock scoop and Cragars are an eyeful, but at the time of writing, Victor is again contemplating yet another rebuild.