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Playstation 5 details and launch timing announced at CES

By Tony O’Kane, 07 Jan 2020 News

Playstation 5 details and launch timing announced at CES

Gran Turismo fans take note: Sony’s fifth-gen console now has a launch date. But what else do we know?

The Playstation 5 hype train is officially underway, with Sony using its press conference at the Consumer Electronics Show to announce launch timing, some basic tech details and reveal… its logo.

Yep, Sony is still keeping the actual appearance of its next-generation gaming console under wraps for now, though leaked images of industry development kits and the rejigged – though still very familiar – Dualshock gamepad (below) have let at least some of the cats out of the bag.

Playstation 5 SDK

At CES though, just the logo was on show. One could say that its appearance is very much in line with expectations.

Jim Ryan, president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment hopped on stage to announce the Playstation 5’s launch date of “holiday 2020” – industry-speak for the fourth quarter of the year. Beyond that, other details remain scant for now.

Playstation 5 announcement CES


Ryan confirmed several technology highlights of the upcoming PS5, such as hardware-based ray-tracing for realistic lighting and shadows, enhanced gamepad haptics and trigger buttons capable of feedback, 3D audio, a high-speed solid-state hard drive and an ultra-HD Blu-Ray optical drive.

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While Ryan also announced that over five million Playstation VR headsets have been shipped since its launch, there was no mention of new products using Sony’s Playstation VR technology.

Gran Turismo Sport Bathurst

It has been confirmed in the past that the PS5 will at least be compatible with current Playstation VR hardware, though. That’s good news for current PS VR owners, however we’re keen to see if a second-generation headset is also shaping up for a Q4 2020 arrival, and what it’ll be capable of. From a sim-racing point of view the immersion boost granted by VR is a genuine game-changer, and with Sony’s flagship racing title Gran Turismo Sport being very much VR-friendly, we’d expect Sony will be eager to exploit that further with the PS5’s gruntier hardware.

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And that’s it for now. We’ll have more as Sony trickles out information in the lead up to the PS5’s launch. Oh, there’s one last thing: if you were concerned about the appearance of the PS5 developer kits above and their weirdly-generic styling and V-shaped cooling vents, don’t be: they’re likely nothing like the retail Playstation 5 and are designed to be easily stackable, not good-looking.