4X4 Australia 2016 Xmas Gear Guide: Part 3

Christmas gift ideas for the 4x4er.

4X4 Australia 2016 Xmas Gear Guide: Part 3

WAKE up on Christmas morning to some aftermarket goodness under the tree this year – granted, it’d have to be a pretty big tree for some of the gear featured here.


You’ll never know when you need a winch to get you out of trouble, that’s why it pays to have a high quality one from Sherpa 4x4 installed.

Sherpa 4x4A. Sherpa 4x4 Winch Anchor
12000lb load capacity Includes carry bag and bow shackle  RRP $269 (inc GST)
B. Sherpa 4x4 'Colt' 12000lb Winch
Steel Cable or Synthetic Rope 28m or 45m Spools 12V or 24V  RRP $1,199 (inc GST)
C. Sherpa 4x4 'Mule' 17000lb Dual Motor Winch
Steel Cable or Synthetic Rope 12.6HP 12V or 24V  RRP $1,699 (inc GST)

info@sherpa4x4.com.au // sherpa4x4.com.au // 07 3137 0135


Bring Christmas joy to a loved one by making their ride more off-road-capable, as well as more comfortable, thanks to Tough Dog Suspension gear.

Tough dogA. 41mm Foam Cell -  From $170 ea
B. 40mm Adjustable -  From $200 ea
C. 45mm Adjustable -  From $275 ea
D. Complete Struts -  From $440 ea
E. Steering Dampers -  From $135 ea
F. Complete Kits for your vehicle  - visit www.toughdog.com.au

toughdog.com.au // 02 9672 8899


Carry more stuff – securely – on top of your 4x4, and trust Yakima’s gear to transport it safely. The stubby holders and mugs would fit nicely in a stocking.

YakimaA. Heavy duty roof bar system for popular utes and SUV's  from $380
B.  Megawarrior Extension  RRP $189 
C. MegaWarrior gear basket  RRP $489
D. Axe/Shovel Bracket  RRP $65
E. SKS Accessory Lock Housing  RRP $26
F. Megawarrior Stretch Net  RRP $59

yakima.com.au // 1800 143 548


Rust scares the bejesus out of many a 4x4er, so eliminate the risk of rust by utilising CouplerTec’s clever electronic rustproofing system.

CouplertecA. 4WD heavy duty system (#4WDHDSFK) RRP $655.00 (Self fit kit)
B. 4WD system (#4WDSFK) RRP $555.00 (Self fit kit)
C. 4WD extreme heavy duty system (#4WDXHDSFK) RRP $775.00 (Self fit kit)

couplertec.com // 1800 66 7878    


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