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4X4 Australia Xmas Gear Guide Part 3

26 Nov 2015 Gear

4X4 Australia Xmas Gear Guide Part 3

4X4 Australia’s Xmas Gear Guide has the latest 4x4 gear from the industry’s most respected names. Happy off-road holidays!

4X4 Australia’s Xmas Gear Guide has the latest 4x4 gear from the industry’s most respected names.  Happy off-road holidays!

Big Red

Big Red’s LED driving light has a free-form reflector that captures and focuses light, while its robust light bars offer the latest LED technology and various mounting options.

4x4 xmas gear guide big red

A. 9 x 3W Cree LEDs SPOT BEAM 2000 Lumen (#BR9110) RRP $149.00 Ex GST
B. 18 x 3W Cree LEDs COMBO BEAM 4200 Lumen (#BR9120) RRP $249.00 Ex GST
C. 36 x 3W Cree LEDs COMBO BEAM 8400 Lumen (#BR9140) RRP $399.00 Ex GST
D. 42 x 3W Cree LEDs COMBO BEAM 9800 Lumen (#BR9220) RRP $399.00 Ex GST
E. 60 x 3W Cree LEDs COMBO BEAM 14000 Lumen (#BR9230) RRP $499.00 Ex GST
F. 78 x 3W Cree LEDs COMBO BEAM 18200 Lumen (#BR9240) RRP $599.00 Ex GST
G. 220mm 3 x 10W Cree LED DRIVING LIGHT (#BR9000) RRP $295.00 Ex GST (per lamp)
H. 180mm 3 x 10W Cree LED DRIVING LIGHT (#BR8990) RRP $225.00 Ex GST (per lamp)

bigredled.com.au // BIG RED LED


The MSA 4X4 Drop Slide takes the heavy-lifting out of portable fridges, with strut-assisted, safe and easy access offered. Meanwhile, the MSA 4x4 seat covers are almost invincible.

4x4 xmas gear guide msa 4x4 accessories

A. MSA 4X4 Drop Slide
The Drop Slide slides out from its stowed position and lowers a full 30cm in one smooth, strut-assisted, safe and easy motion, allowing for unrestricted access to your fridge at a safe level. The slide goes back into its stowed position in one very light and easy motion.
RRP $799.00

B. MSA 4X4 Canvas Seat Cover
MSA 4X4 created a canvas seat cover range that is durable enough to withstand the day-to-day rigours of life’s adventures, but not too stiff that it’s uncomfortable for the occupants. It’s polycotton-lined for maximum protection of your car seats, providing a complete barrier between the canvas and your seat. It’s also 100 per cent water, dirt, mud, child and pet proof!
RRP $367.00

msa4x4.com.au // 07 5594 6664

Wolf Accessories

Wolf Accessories is a Brisbane-based business with a heavy online retail presence, offering a wide range of 4x4 gear across Australia. 

4x4 xmas gear guide wolf accessories

A. Outback Armour Suspension Kit
Various vehicles available RRP from $1635.00
B. AFN  Skid  Plates
6mm Aluminium Various Vehicles RRP from $489.00 per plate
C. AFN Type III Bull bar
Available for a range of vehicles
Fully ADR and AS compliant
Built-in rated recovery points
Full bumper replacement (where possible)
RRP $2450.00
D. Peak Xplorer 8500 RRP  $726.00  ea
* Seikel Diff, Gearbox and Transfer Case Breather Kit
Volkswagen Amarok RRP $425.00 * not pictured

facebook.com/Wolf4x4 // wolf4x4.com.au // 1300 028 942 

Piranha Off Road

Piranha Off Road has one of the largest battery ranges in Australia. The Australian-owned business specialises in manufacturing Dual Battery Management Systems. 

4x4 xmas gear guide piranha

A. Battery Trays RRP FROM $195.00 including all hardware
B. Piranha 40 Lt Fridge Slide RRP $365.00 also available 60L-80L Fridge Slide
C. DBE140SF Piranha Battery Management system RRP $185.00 including midi fuse
D. DBE180-SX Piranha Battery Management system RRP $425.00 including full cable kit
E. Battery Monitors - Piranha Dual Battery Monitor RRP $135 .00
F. Diff Breather Kit - Universal Piranha Diff Breather Kit RRP $75.00

piranhaoffroad.com.au // 03 9762 1200

Hema Maps

Hema maps are a must-have on any serious off-road expedition. Now you can easily access the map patrol’s expertise on screen, with the HN7 Navigator and the Hema Explorer app.

4x4 xmas gear guide hema maps

A. Hema Navigator HN7 RRP $699.00
ON and OFF ROAD navigation with award-winning Hema maps and Camps 8 points of interest, packaged within a 7-inch finger touchscreen
B. Hema Explorer App RRP $29.99
Navigate offline with reliable Hema maps, 40,000 interactive points of interest and more.



Helinox gear is light, tough, packs compactly and is a simple way to improve any camping or off-road expedition.

4x4 xmas gear guide helinox

A. Helinox LBB135 Walking Poles $195.00
Pole weight: 238 grams each, Packed length: 54 cm.
B. Helinox Cot One Camp Stretcher $338.00
Capacity: 145 kg, Weight: 2.3 kg, Packed length: 54 cm.
C. Helinox Chair One (Black) $124.00
Capacity: 145 kg, Weight: 0.96 kg, Packed length: 35 cm.
D. Helinox Camp Chair RRP $158.00
Capacity: 145 kg, Weight: 1.3 kg, Packed length: 50 cm.
E. Helinox Sunset Chair $174.00
Capacity: 145 kg, Weight: 1.42 kg, Packed length: 47 cm.

* free express postage

helinox.com.au   // 1800 925 525


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