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4x4 drivetrain components: new 4x4 products

By Justin Walker, 31 Mar 2019 Gear

4x4 drivetrain components new products feature

Extract maximum engine performance with quality kit.

EKING maximum performance from a four-wheel drive is often atop many tourers’ wish lists.

Despite the perk more grunt brings, it often comes with a hefty price tag. Here’s a PWR intercooler package for the 200 Series, as well as some Terrain Tamer heavy duty seals to protect a rig’s vital bits.

PWR LC200 intercooler package

PWR’s new intercooler package for Toyota’s popular big wagon offers impressive torque and power increases and is built to the highest standard. The package includes CNC billet-machined tanks and incorporates billet outlets and mounts and a Formula 1-spec core in the intercooler, with the promise of supreme core recovery when under extreme load.

There’s also a PWR Thermo Fan Kit option (along with a complete intercooler and fan package). The fitment of the intercooler requires no additional pipe-kit and no cutting at all. The kit is a DIY dream, installing to all factory mounts easily.

With its many years of experience producing kits like this that offer both maximum efficiency and excellent durability, it’s easy to see why PWR gear is so popular with serious off-roaders.

RRP: Starting from $3195
Website: www.pwr.com.au

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Terrain Tamer heavy duty hub seals

Terrain Tamer continues to produce top-end gear, and the latest is its innovative new range of Heavy Duty hub seals. Most seals traditionally feature a rubber lip design, but this can cause wear on rotating metal surfaces (think: shafts and spindles) which can create a groove that, in turn, allows grit and water in as well as allowing oil to leak out, with the potential to cause damage.

Using its own unique tooling, Terrain Tamer has tackled this problem with this new heavy duty seal range, which instead rotates on its own internal surface, without relying on the condition of the shaft, thus eliminating wear on other components and extending seal life.

Each heavy duty seal contains four internal sealing surfaces and utilises a labyrinth construction to assist in prevention of oil and lubrication fluid loss. It also helps protect against dirt/grit ingress, making them ideal for all off-road conditions.

Terrain Tamer's Heavy Duty seals are now available for a growing range of vehicles, both as an individual seal and as part of the new Terrain Tamer Heavy Duty Bearing Kits.

Website: www.terraintamer.com