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ARB Classic Fridge Series II released

By Justin Walker, 01 Apr 2019 Gear

ARB Classic Fridge Series II released news

ARB unveils its new range of high-tech fridges.

ARB has released the Classic Fridge Series II, a significant update of its popular fridge range.

The update heralds in a new colour scheme and new electronic internals, along with the ability to operate your fridge via a smartphone app that can be used from your smartphone. ARB also integrates the operation of the fridge into its ever-expanding LINX system.

The new fridges include a backlit touchpad for optimum visibility and use. The display is now dimmable (high and low) and there’s a 12-volt power input readout.

The Bluetooth transmitter needed to use the app is included with any new Series II (or Elements) fridge and is simply attached to the fridge’s rear end. The ability of this app, whether via your phone or LINX, to keep you fully informed and control the fridge from that point, is pretty amazing. For owners of post-2014 Series I fridges, their current transmitter can be updated to the new one for $79.

Once transmitting, you can view the power input voltage, set the temperature (and check it), and keep yourself updated on how the compressor is going (whether it is at idle or running).

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One very handy feature of the app is the ability to set the battery protection level to high, medium or low. It will also provide a warning if the lid is left open – pretty damn handy if you take off from home without realising you’ve left it open and thus may arrive with spoiled food and warm beer.

You can turn the fridge on/off via the app, adjust the temperature (or use pre-set ones), toggle between the various battery protection levels and display brightness, and even assign your fridge a name. Why do you need to name your fridge? Well, you can actually run multiple fridges from the one smartphone/LINX. Excuse the pun, but that’s pretty cool.

For more info visit: www.arb.com.au