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New 4x4 kit: ARB Zero fridge, MSA 4x4 compressor plates and TJM compressor

By Dean Mellor, 15 Dec 2019 Gear

ARB Zero fridge MSA 4x4 compressor plates TJM compressor feature

Unpacking ARB’s Zero fridge, MSA 4x4’s compressor mounting plates and TJM’s HD vehicle mount compressor.

What’s new this week? We put ARB’s Zero fridge, MSA 4x4’s compressor mounting plates and TJM’s HD vehicle mount compressor under the microscope.

ARB Zero Fridge Freezer

Keep your beverages cool and your dinner frozen with ARB’s all-new Zero Fridge Freezer range. Available in two sizes – 69 litres and 96 litres – the Zero offers easy access to contents thanks to a side-opening, quick-release lid. It also features handy front and rear DC inlets, while there’s also a front AC inlet for when camping at powered sites. A USB outlet also provides a charging point for gadgets and gizmos.

The dual cooling zones on both units can be independently controlled via a panel or wirelessly via a Bluetooth-enabled device. The 69-litre unit has one lid and an internal freezer compartment that can be removed if desired to increase fridge space. The 96-litre unit features two separate compartments, each with its own lid, completely isolating the freezer and fridge sections from each other.

Both Zero models also feature a ‘boost’ function to rapidly cool down contents, as well as ‘anti-condensation technology’.

RRP: $1599 (69L); $1799 (96L)
Website: www.arb.com.au

MSA 4X4 Compressor Mounting Plates

MSA 4X4 has developed Compressor Mounting Plates that enable you to mount air compressors and other accessories directly and securely to your Explorer Aluminium Storage Drawer System. There are upright and horizontal mounting plates allowing you to fit the air compressor exactly how you want it.

The steel mounting plates come with pre-drilled holes to suit popular air compressors, saving on installation time, and they are finished in a durable powder coat. Each model is supplied with a full fitting kit and comes with two reinforced backing plate strips for installation on the inside of the drawers.

RRP: $109 (horizontal); $124 (upright)
Website: msa4x4.com.au

TJM HD Vehicle Mount Compressor

For those after faster tyre inflation TJM has developed the new HD Vehicle Mount Compressor with a claimed flow rate of 86/min and a 100 per cent duty cycle.

“Ever since we started work on this project, our aim has been to produce an air compressor that can not only perform at the highest level but do so for an extended period of time,” says James Renou, TJM’s lead engineer on the project. “The end result is a compressor that runs cooler, inflates faster and lasts longer.”

The exterior of the TJM HD Vehicle Mount Compressor is constructed from a combination of cast and extruded anodised aluminium to provide maximum protection for the oversized internals, which include a hard-anodised cylinder bore and Teflon-impregnated piston seal.

The compressor also features five unique mounting angles for easy access in your 4x4, whether in your engine bay, vehicle cab or drawer system. Additional features include multiple tyre inflation points, six auxiliary ports and a pressure cut-out switch. An optional matching airline kit includes a 6m rubber hose, a tyre inflation chuck, a female Nitto quick-connect fitting with male ¼-inch BSPT thread, an air blower and a selection of nozzles.

RRP: $389 (airline kit $69)
Website: www.tjm.com.au

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